The city council of Archer City approved a resolution for use of 4B sales tax funds to be used on an Archer City Country Club project during its meeting Thursday, Aug. 20.

The resolution authorizes the expenditure of 4B sales tax funds to contribute up to $21,000 to the Archer City Country Club, to fund a project to purchase new equipment and make golf course improvements.

The first reading of the resolution occurred during the council’s July 16 meeting.

Other items:

The council also gave authorization to Archer City Volunteer Fire Department member and County Emergency Management Coordinator Shane Wright to deploy Unit #44, 2005 Ford Fire Truck with Intrastate Fire Mutual Aid System strike team.

The team will only be deployed if Wright were available.

“The city owns unit #44, it’s the rescue truck with the jaws of life,” City Secretary Kim Whitsitt said. “Some of the vehicles are in the cities name, some of them are in the counties name. We technically own 44 and insure it.”

The city approved an interlocal agreement with Archer County concerning the collection of Ad Valorem Taxes.

It also approved the first and second quarter investment reports.

City Secretary Kim Whitsitt addressed the council regarding an ordinance authorizing a records management program and designating Whitsitt as records management officer.

“With the public information act and open records, we can’t just throw away old accounts payable records and things like that,” she said. “We have to have an ordinance designating an officer and then that all has to be on file with the Texas State Library. They have record retention schedules. Some records you might have to keep 10 years, some you might have to keep five.”

The city also held a budget workshop. The council will meet at 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 3 to hold a budget hearing.

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