Archer City ISD released the guidelines it will be operating under during the 2020-2021 school year on Monday, July 13.

According to the release, the district will operate under the guidelines the Texas Education Agency laid out on July 7. This includes allowing families to chose whether their students participate via remote or in-person instruction.

“The learning students conduct at home will be a higher standard than we’ve done before,” the release reads. “Check ins will be required daily and communication with the teachers is essential for student success. Teachers will utilize webcams to video record their lessons and/or utilize Google Classroom to coordinate instructional efforts.”

The district will also have hand sanitizer in classrooms and common use areas. Faculty will be highly encouraged to wear face coverings, which will be provided. Student will also be encouraged to wear face coverings in common areas. Students riding on the bus will be required to wear a mask and the windows on the buses will be opened to ensure maximum airflow.

According to the release, staff and parents will be notified of a positive test and the affected areas will be cleaned in guidelines provided by the Center for Disease Control, TEA and local health offficals.

“While there may be a short closure to sanitize, we do not anticipate an extended closure,” the release reads. “Students that go home with health concerns will still be allowed to participate in learning through the asynchronous model and shall remain home until they meet standards established for returning to school.”

The district reminds parents that the situation is still fluid and it will continue to evaluate options based on student safety. Parents with questions are encouraged to contact Archer City ISD administration at 940-574-4536.

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