Kindergarten students in Archer County will soon be digging into agriculture thanks to a local teacher's recent involvement in Texas Farm Bureau's (TFB) annual Summer Agricultural Institute (SAI).

Karley Buerger of Windthorst Elementary School attended SAi June 3-6 in Waco.

"Our goal through this professional development seminar is to help teachers have the tools and resources they need to explain how agriculture plays a role in our everyday lives," Tom Hoff,

Archer County Farm Bureau president, said. "SAi helps teachers incorporate agricultural content into their science, math and reading curriculum."

This year, teachers learned about entomology, soil, common misconceptions about agriculture

and what Texas-grown crops are in products we use every day.

They also visited a facility that creates livestock feed rations and met with a rural veterinarian to learn more about livestock feed, animal care and more.

"Our teachers lead and inspire the next generation of Texans," Hoff said. "Some of their students have never been to a farm or ranch. By giving them agricultural information and connecting them with farmers and ranchers, we can help bridge that gap and bring agriculture to their classrooms."

The teachers also grilled their own steaks after learning about the beef industry from pasture to plate.

SAi is hosted each year by Texas Farm Bureau. Scholarships are available through county Farm Bureau offices.

Information on SAi and other educational opportunities are available online

at http:/ /texa,c;Jarmbu r.Esil u.&CQ/J(ouJ:IlL2.9-i n.-the-classroom[.

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