Bill Knowlton,  candidate for 97th Judicial District Attorney position.

Local attorney, Bill Knowlton, has announced that he is a candidate for the 97th Judicial District Attorney position. The Republican Primary will be in March of 2020.

Bill served a term as the County attorney (now commonly referred to as a Criminal District Attorney), for Clay County from 1976 to 1980. His duties were misdemeanors and felonies, varying from speeding tickets to murder offenses. In 1980, the current three county district was created. Since Bill had a growing private practice with the late Judge Roger Towery, he chose not to run for the new District Attorney position.

From 1989 to through 2009, Bill served as General Counsel for Data Line Service Company and provided management, legal and regulatory compliance and process development and contract negotiations for Dell Computer, AT&T Solutions, MCC, Systemhouse, EDS and Perot Systems Corporation.

While part of Perot Systems Corporation from 2002 through the end of 2009, one of his duties was to direct Global Contracting and Procurement. Forty plus people worked for Bill. Together, they helped to establish legal requirements, procedures, and contract fulfillment for over a billions dollars a year.

Since late 2010 through 2015, Bill officed in Bowie, Texas with the late Gregory Underwood. In July 2015, Bill moved his office to Henrietta, when he purchased Frank Douthitt's location.

Bill issues the following statement: "I believe that the District Attorney's office should be measured by the prompt review, indictment, prosecution, and sentencing of individuals charged with crimes in Clay, Archer, and Montague County. This will require that all cases be worked immediately upon the close of investigation or arrest by meeting and communicating with Law Enforcement for the three counties. Those Deputies and Police Officers, along with the victims of crimes, in order to achieve the proper result and a conviction, must be, and deserve to be, closely involved in the prosecution."

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