On April 12, 2020 Governor Abbot extended the State of Texas Disaster Declaration. The guidance and regulations stay the same as they have been. There is not a state wide Shelter In Place Order, but the restrictions imposed by Governor Abbot are similar to a Stay at Home Order or S.I.P. Order.

This morning, the Archer County Commissioners discussed using more restrictions for county residents. Since no positive cases have been reported on county residents, and there has not been an increase in crimes, or compliance issues, the Commissioners and I decided unanimously not to impose more restrictions or regulations on our county.

116 of the 254 Texas Counties have Shelter-In-Place Orders in effect as of 4/13/2020.

If you are feeling sick or someone in your family has symptoms you are not comfortable with, please contact a Health Care professional. They can and will offer you individual advice on self - isolation, testing, and/or quarantine guidance.

As a reminder:

Avoid Social Gatherings in groups of more than 10 people

Avoid unnecessary social visits

Avoid unnecessary travel

Practice Social Distancing

Please be considerate of Law Enforcement, all First Responders, and Emergency Management Personnel. These men and women are protecting you, but are potentially endangering themselves and their families on each service call.

If you have been tested and are under quarantine or if you are showing symptoms of the COVID-19 virus, please notify the dispatch officer of your situation if you need emergency services.

Randy Jackson

Archer County Judge




Archer Family Clinic 940-574-2580

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