Revett exhibition to open at Harvey Art Gallery Oct. 25

The Juanita Harvey Art Gallery will host an opening reception for Amarillo artist Jonathan Revett and his exhibition “Concept Crystallization” from 6-8 p.m. Friday, Oct. 25.

Much of Revett’s artworks are tessellations (tiling of a surface using geometric shapes), and for Revett, that most often manifests as paintings, which are the crystallization of philosophical and emotional metadata. His sources are often photographs or other art works, which are boiled down into gradated color palettes and arranged in pattern fields. The goal of his process is to simplify the complexity of modern life into a universal aesthetic.

Other works in the show represent location as metaphor, and some of these works move out of painting into other media, like video, installation, and sculpture. The Glacier Project is an installation that use the tessellations as a connector to develop an interactive piece that comments on nostalgia, religion, and pop culture. The back room of the gallery is dedicated to Revett’s time at Mariposa, an eco-village outside Amarillo, where he was artist-in-residence for four years.

Revett is Assistant Professor of Painting and Drawing at West Texas A&M University in Canyon. In addition to being a prolific artist who has exhibited nationally, Revett has organized galleries and maintains the WT Experimental Gallery at Sunset Center in Amarillo. Revett also is known for his restoration of artist Robert Smithson’s last work, the earthen Amarillo Ramp. He has written and lectured internationally about his experience with the earthwork.

Revett also will present workshop lectures for students Oct. 23-25. The exhibition will be on display through Dec. 13 and admission is free. Call 940-397-4264 for more information.

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