6th Grade

Hunter Anderle

Kamdyn Neal

Conner Schreiber

Jaxon Stark

Violet West

Charlee Wolf

7th Grade

Carson Anderle

Megg Lindley

Lainey McCall

Lexsey McLemore

Natalia Pineda

Nolan Schreiber

Kristen Wells

8th Grade

Drew Anderle

Brayden Berend

Alanna Beyer

Tanner Doyal

Abby Schroeder

Kirsten Shea

Wyatt Wolf

9th Grade

Honey Azua

Raelyn Bussey

Logan Cope

Ryane Dickey

Keaira Fillingim

Bree Kirk

Noah Koetter

Ezekiel Mayo

Landon McLemore

Eryn Pennartz

Conner Schroeder

Grayson Steinberger

Tara Tackett

Kensley Vieth

Katy Wolf

10th Grade

Brenna Anderle

Jayden Friddle

Zane Hackley

Gage Lindley

Eduardo Olivo-Llamas

Cooper Wolf

11th Grade

Cy Belcher

Ethan Belcher

Laiken Farr

Ferrin Garrett

Andrea Gil

Caleb Schroeder

Kacee Teichman

Kyle Wolf

12th Grade

Madelyn Anderle

Abby Brown

Tagan Doyal

Sydney Herndon

Bryson Jackson

Gavin Steinberger

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