The Sheriff’s Office received 142 Calls for Service during the past 7-day period ending Sunday, November 5, 2017. On the day of this report there were 30 individuals incarcerated in the Archer County Jail consisting of 27 men and 3 women. During the month of October,2017, 29 individuals were arrested and booked into the Archer County Jail consisting of 29 men and 0 women.

Around 8:30pm Monday night, a Megargel woman requested Deputies to her home to file a barred person’s report against her husband. Deputies responded and spoke with the woman who advised that her husband was living in Olney with his girlfriend and she didn’t want him at her home. She said he was on his way there now with diapers for their child. Deputies waited a short time until the man arrived. Since he was no longer living with his wife he was barred from the property. Both were advised to contact legal advice concerning their options.

Around 2:30pm Tuesday afternoon, an Archer County resident reported that someone had stolen his Winchester 30-30 Rifle a while back. He told a Deputy that the gun was missing in April, 2017 but that he just now found the paperwork with the information on the gun. The gun was entered into the State and National Crime Information database as stolen. A suspect has been developed and the investigation is ongoing.

Around 4pm Tuesday afternoon, a Megargel woman who went looking for a family member found the man in a barn lying on the ground. The man had fallen from a tall ladder and had lain there all night. The man was conscious but could not move. Deputies and medical personnel responded and the man was airlifted by Air Evac helicopter to a Wichita Falls hospital for treatment. His condition was unknown at the time of this report.

Around 10am Wednesday morning, an Archer City man reported that someone had shot and killed two of his calves that were located in a pasture bordering Hwy 79 (Center St.) in Archer City. The reporting person suspects he knows who did it but no proof. Officers are investigating.

A short time later, two calls were reported involving scams from Archer City residents. A woman reported receiving a call telling her that she was about to be arrested due to nonpayment of taxes. A man reported that the call he received was someone from Publisher’s Clearing House. PLEASE DO NOT SEND MONEY OR GIVE OUT PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION INFORMATION OVER THE PHONE. If you have questions about a call you receive asking for money, notify local Law Enforcement.

Around 11pm Wednesday night, a man called and requested Officers to his home due to a confrontation with his wife. Archer City Police responded and spoke with both parties involved. The man and woman agreed to stay away from each other and go to bed for the night. About 45 minutes later, the female called and requested Officers advising that her husband was inside the house yelling and screaming. Deputies responded and spoke with both parties. The male subject agreed to leave the house for the night to prevent further discord and possible physical assault. He left and there was no further incident.

Around noon on Thursday, a young mother was arrested by Archer City police on two warrants for Endangering a Child after an incident at her apartment. A male subject was arrested the night before at the apartment on the same charges. Child Protective Services personnel were involved with the incident as well. The female has been released after posting $30,000 in bonds. The male subject remains in custody under $30,000 in bonds.

Around 12:30 Thursday, Deputies arrested a man living on US 281 north of FM 1954 after a warrant was obtained for Failing to Comply with Sex Offender Registration Requirements. There are approximately 12 known registered sex offenders living in the County that the Sheriff’s Office personnel monitor. Holliday Police monitor the registered sex offenders living in Holliday.

Just before 1pm Thursday afternoon, a vehicle that had been abandoned on Hwy 79 near Calvin Rd was checked by Deputies patrolling the area. The vehicle displayed an Indian Reservation License Plate out of the Oklahoma City, Ok area. The vehicle was reported stolen and was impounded until the registered owner from Oklahoma could retrieve it. There was no one around the vehicle and no suspects have been located.

Shortly after midnight early Friday morning, Deputies and medical personnel responded to a motorcycle vs. deer on FM 210 near FM 422. The male driver complained of an injured foot but the motorcycle sustained minor damage. The driver told Deputies he was trying to get back to Missouri but made a wrong turn somewhere. He was transported to a hospital for treatment and the bike was towed away. The deer was not located.

Around 7:30pm Friday night, Officers responded to a report of a vehicle vs. deer on Hwy 79 just north of the Little Wichita River bridges. 4 occupants of the vehicle were found walking south on Hwy 79 toward Archer City. The owner of the vehicle told the Deputy that she could not afford to have the vehicle towed however leaving the vehicle on the side of the roadway was a traffic hazard. DPS was called to work the accident. The vehicle sustained major damage as did the deer. Animals are on the move so slow down and watch for eyes in the barrow ditch.

Just before 10am Saturday morning, a Scotland woman reported that when her husband left for work at 3:30am he observed a vehicle that had crashed into their fence. When he returned at 4am the vehicle was gone. He checked the area and found a license plate from the crashed vehicle at the scene. A Deputy tracked down the vehicle owner who advised that her brother was driving the vehicle. The Deputy is following up on the driver and it’s possible a warrant for his arrest will be issued for Duty upon Striking Fixed Object.

Around 5:30pm Saturday afternoon, an Archer City man reported that his wife had assaulted him and knocked his cell phone out of his hand. He advised he was outside the residence and she is inside. Deputies and Archer City Police responded. Medics were called to check out the injuries on the man. The decision was made to allow the parties to separate for the evening. At around 11:30pm the same day, the man called again and said his wife would not leave him alone so he could sleep. Officers again responded but no action was taken. Alcohol may have been a factor in this incident.

Shortly after 3pm Sunday afternoon, 5 Archer County Fire Departments were dispatched to fight a large grass fire off of Lake Creek Rd north of Scotland. Units from Scotland, Windthorst, Lakeside City, Bowman, and Holliday responded and battled the blaze until after 10pm. No injuries were reported in conjunction with the fire and no information was received as to how the fire was started.

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