Sheriff Staci Beesinger

The Sheriff’s Office received 146 Calls for Service during the past 7 day period ending Sunday, December 30, 2018. On the day of this report there were 22 individuals incarcerated in the Archer County Jail consisting of 19 men and 3 women.

Just before 7pm on Christmas Eve, a Holliday woman reported that her Mother-in-Law was at her home and causing a disturbance. The woman said her Mother-in-Law accused her of texting her Father-in-Law and she didn’t approve of it. She also said the woman had a knife and wouldn’t put it away. She later called 911 very upset and reported that family members had taken the knife away from her. Officers responded and tried to reason with the woman. She resisted cooperating with Officers and was placed under arrest for Disorderly Conduct. She was transported to the Archer County Jail and released the following morning after being issued a citation.

Shortly after 1am Christmas morning, a Deputy on patrol in Megargel conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle at the Megargel Post Office. The male driver was checked and found to be in possession of suspected Methamphetamine. He was placed under arrest and transported to the Archer County Jail where he was released later that day after posting a $5000 bond.

Around 1:30am Christmas morning, a travelling motorist reported that she had just hit a Cow on US 281 about 1 mile north of FM 1954. Deputies, DPS, and medical personnel responded to the accident scene. The female driver was not injured but her vehicle received extensive damage and had to be towed from the scene. The Cow was deceased.

Shortly after noon, a woman who came to pick up the Megargel man from jail was arrested on a warrant for Possession of a Controlled Substance PG 1, under 1 gram. She was transported to the Archer County Jail where she was released the following day after posting a $2500 bond.

Around 6pm on Wednesday, a storm blew in to Archer County causing complete power outages in several towns and communities including Archer City, Holliday, and Lake Kickapoo. A power pole was across the roadway on FM 1954 and Sisk Rd and several vehicles struck the pole causing damage to their vehicles. Several power lines were down near Holliday and surrounding areas. No one was reported injured in the storm and power was out for several hours in some locations. TXDOT crews worked well into the night trying to restore power to all residents.

On Thursday, several reports of flooding and water over the roadway came in to the Sheriff’s Office Dispatch. The south side of Lake Kickapoo was trapped due to high water below the dam. Lake Kickapoo also still did not have electricity which caused some problems for persons with medical issues. Deputies, Game Wardens, and Fire Department 1st Responders worked a good part of the day assisting people with generators and other needed supplies.

Around 1:30pm on Thursday afternoon, a woman living on US 281 reported that she had been receiving texts and phone messages from her estranged daughter that were disturbing. A Deputy responded and observed the texts and messages. The daughter sent messages that she wished her mother was dead or that harm would come to her. The daughter had previously been barred from her mother’s property and the mother would not respond to the messages. That’s when the daughter would become upset and send more disturbing messages. The Deputy contacted the daughter and advised her of the law concerning harassment. Both parties agreed to settle their differences and no charges were filed.

Shortly after midnight early Friday morning, a Megargel man reported that someone was trespassing on his property. He said he could smell cigarette smoke and that’s how he knew someone was there. Deputies responded and spoke with the caller who would only speak with Officers through a window. He told them he had put up “No Trespassing” signs approximately 2 months ago and offered a $5000 reward for information as to who had been trespassing. The Deputies searched the area and did not locate anyone or anything out of place. The home owner then told them he would call his insurance company in the morning to give them the $5000. The Deputies declined and left the residence.

Around 4pm on Saturday, a travelling motorist reported that the bridge on River Rd north of Archer City is washed out. The County Commissioner was notified and advised the bridge would be closed until the bridge could be repaired. Use alternate routes in that area.

Just before 9pm Wednesday night, an Archer City woman reported that she was getting harassing texts and Facebook messages from another woman after she told the woman to leave her alone. A Deputy responded and advised the caller to block the woman from her Facebook and phone. The caller said she couldn’t do that. It was not clear whether she couldn’t or wouldn’t block the woman. The Deputy told her that nothing could be done if she wasn’t going to block the messages.

Shortly after midnight early Sunday morning, Dispatch received a call from a travelling motortist who reported a vehicle on fire on US 82 between Mankins and Holliday. The man said he and another driver stopped and attempted to put the fire out. The driver of the vehicle told them to stop and just let the car burn. The caller said the man was intoxicated and rude and that there was a bottle of Tequila in the seat of the burning vehicle. Deputies responded and found the man walking on US 82 near the Baylor County line. The Deputy loaded the man into his vehicle and found the burnt vehicle 1 mile inside Baylor County. The man told the Deputy that he was having trouble breathing and was suffering from withdrawals. An ambulance was sent to the scene and transported the man to a Wichita Falls hospital for treatment. DPS and Baylor County handled the scene of the burnt vehicle.

Just before noon on Sunday, a travelling motorist reported a grey owl just sitting on the side of the road on Hwy 79 near FM 1954. He wanted someone to check on it as it may be injured. A Game Warden was called and went to check the bird. The owl had been sprayed by a skunk and was trying to dry off so it could fly again. No serious injury occurred.

Have a Safe and Prosperous New Year!

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