The Sheriff’s Office received 130 Calls for Service during the past 7-day period ending Sunday, May 5, 2019. On the day of this report there were 27 individuals incarcerated in the Archer County Jail consisting of 23 men and 4 women. During the month of April, 2019, 24 individuals were arrested and booked into the Archer County Jail consisting of 13 men and 11 women.

Around 6pm Monday evening, Archer City Police, along with CPS, went to an Archer City address after a report of physical abuse was reported. A man, who is currently on Parole, was at the residence and equipped with an ankle monitor. He was ordered to leave the residence and reluctantly did so. Later that night, a warrant for a Parole Violation was issued for him. He was located at another residence, arrested, and transported to the Archer County Jail where he remains in custody with no bond.

Shortly after 1am Tuesday morning, Deputies and Archer City Police responded to assist an Olney Police Officer after a vehicle parked in an alley sped away while the Officer was attempting to check on it. The vehicle drove 1 block and wrecked out with occupants running away on foot. One subject was caught and held at gunpoint. Archer Officers helped look for the others but they were not located at the time. Olney and Young County are investigating the incident.

Around 8:30am Tuesday morning, a Dundee resident reported that someone had stolen her medication out of her purse at her home. A Deputy responded and spoke with the woman who advised that she is suspicious of others who live in the home but had no evidence. The medication could not be located inside the home and was prescribed for a heart condition. A report was made for the woman so she could get the RX refilled.

Just before 6pm Tuesday evening, a Wichita Falls man reported that his 3 daughters were at their Grandmother’s home on U S 281 in Archer County and one of them had called him to report that the woman was assaulting them. He requested Deputies check the welfare of the girls. Deputies went to the residence but no one answered. A check of the home revealed animal and human feces, urine, and other filth inside the home but no one was there. It was later learned that the mother of the girls had picked them up from a friend’s home. She took them to their father’s workplace and he advised there were no marks on them. A CPS referral was initiated and also an APS referral done for the Grandmother.

Shortly after 2pm on Wednesday, at least 3 funnel clouds were reported in Archer County after severe storms moved into the County. Storm Spotters reported a tornado did touch down shortly near Megargel and at least 2 funnels were spotted east of Archer City toward Scotland and Windthorst. There was no report of either of these touching ground. Sirens in Archer City and Windthorst were set off and people were warned to get to a safe place. Several people took refuge in the Law Enforcement Building including several people visiting inmates. No significant damage from these storms was reported in Archer County. This is a reminder to have a plan and be ready to take cover in the event of severe weather.

Shortly after 4pm Thursday afternoon, a man was arrested on warrants after he was checked by law enforcement going door to door in Archer City attempting to sell an unknown product. He was found to be wanted out of Cooke County for Failure to Appear on an Assault Family Violence and out of Denton County for Failure to Appear on a Possession of Marijuana charge. He was placed under arrest and transported to the Archer County Jail where he was released the following day after posting bonds totaling $5000. Anyone selling door to door in most Archer County cities is required to have a permit issued by the City.

Around 10:30pm Thursday night, a Megargel woman reported that her daughter had overdosed, and she was transporting her to an Olney Hospital for treatment. A Deputy responded to the hospital and gathered the information concerning the woman who overdosed. Mental Health personnel were contacted and will assess the woman once she has recovered.

Shortly after 1pm on Friday, a travelling motorist reported a motorcycle accident on US 281 south of Windthorst. She advised that a woman had fallen off the back of a motorcycle and another motorcycle had struck her in the roadway. Deputies, DPS, and Windthorst 1st Responders rushed to the scene that was inside the Jack County line. 4 motorcycles were travelling together and it was reported that the motorcycle that struck the woman had crashed. One person was transported via Air Evac to a hospital for treatment. It was unknown how many others were injured in this crash.

Just before 5am Saturday morning, a Holliday area man turned himself in after a warrant for his arrest was issued after an Injury to a Child investigation. The case stems from a report from last week where a child was returned to his mother and the child had been spanked with a back scratcher. The child had bruises on his leg and elbow. The man was released later in the day after posting a $50,000 bond.

Just after 7am Saturday morning, an Olney man requested Deputies meet him at a Lake Cooper residence to check for a vehicle he needed to repossess. The caller advised that he had trouble there before and wanted Deputies to stand by while he retrieved the vehicle. The man was told what time the Deputy could be there due to being on another call. A short time later the resident at Lake Cooper called 911 and said the man was on his property and an assault had taken place. Deputies responded from the other call and spoke with 4 people at the residence. Both the caller and another person at the scene were issued citations for simple assault. The vehicle was not taken because there was no legal paperwork to repossess it.

Just after 3pm on Sunday, a Deputy observed a vehicle accident involving a GMC pickup and a Turkey on Hwy 79 near Davis Rd. The bird flew into the pickup’s windshield shattering it. DPS was contacted to provide an accident report for the vehicle owner and he was not injured in the accident. Ambulance Services in Archer County were busy most of the day with several medical calls and two accidents. Another vehicle hit a deer on Hwy 79 near Davis Rd around 6:30am and no injuries were reported there as well. Use caution on Hwy 79 near Davis Rd. Evidently, there are lots of animals lingering in that area.

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