The Sheriff’s Office received 142 Calls for Service during the past 7 day period ending Sunday, April 28, 2019. On the day of this report there were 27 individuals incarcerated in the Archer County Jail consisting of 21 men and 6 women.

Around 4:30pm Monday afternoon, a Deputy went to a Lakeside City home to attempt civil service on a man reported living there. A female answered the door and advised that the man was not there. The female was checked and found to be wanted on a surety off bond warrant for a previous arrest for Theft. She was placed under arrest and transported to the Archer County Jail where she was released the following day after posting a $10,000 bond.

Just before 10pm Monday night, the manager of a Holliday apartment complex reported a disturbance at an apartment and requested to speak with Officers. Holliday Police and a Deputy responded and made contact with a male subject on the property. He was barred from the complex and no further incident occurred.

Just before 9am Tuesday morning, a woman who brought a man to the Sheriff’s Office to register as a sex offender was stopped by a Deputy on a traffic violation just north of Archer City. The woman was checked and found to be driving while an invalid driver’s license. Due to having previous convictions for that offense she was placed under arrest and transported to the Archer County Jail. Her vehicle was impounded as well. The male subject was not detained and took off walking toward Wichita Falls.

Just before 11pm Tuesday night, Holliday Police and a Deputy went to a Holliday address looking for a man wanted on a probation violation stemming from a previous arrest for Possession of Marijuana. He was located, placed under arrest, and transported to the Archer County Jail where he was released the following day after posting a $3000 bond.

Just before 2am Wednesday morning, Deputies and Holliday Police were dispatched to a Holliday residence after a woman reported that she heard glass breaking in her home. Once on scene Officers found broken glass in the living room of the home but did not observe anything missing or tampered with in the home. It was not clear why the glass had broken but it was determined that no one had been inside the home. A close patrol check was set up for the residence.

Around 6:30pm Wednesday evening, a member of a Holliday Church reported that 2 students had gotten into a fight at the Church causing a disturbance. Church members separated the two boys but requested to speak with Officers. Deputies arrived but the two students had left the Church. Information of who was involved was obtained and a Deputy is investigating.

Around 8:30am Thursday morning, a travelling motorist reported a 2 vehicle accident with injuries on FM 174 and Hoff Rd just east of Windthorst. Deputies, DPS, and Windthorst 1st Responders arrived at the scene and tended to the injured. One person was transported to a Wichita Falls hospital with unknown injuries. DPS worked the accident.

Shortly after 9am Thursday morning, a Wichita Falls woman reported that she has a 2 year old child with a man living in Holliday. She advised the child had spent some time with the father and was returned to her this morning. She did say the father told her that he had to spank the child. The caller later noticed bruising on the child’s leg and elbow. She then called the father who said he spanked the child with a back scratcher. The information was forwarded to Holliday Police for investigation.

Around 9:30am Friday morning, an Iowa Park man reported that he was driving on Hwy 25/368 from Lake Kickapoo when a dog jumped into the bed of his pickup. He said he could not get the dog out of his truck. He described the dog as a male bulldog with a short snout, brown in color with black on his chest. He said the dog is playful, healthy, and has a bobtail. If you are missing a dog that fits this description please call the Sheriff’s Office for contact information.

Just before 6pm Friday afternoon, an Archer City man reported that his son had been assaulted at the Archer City Park a short time earlier. Deputies responded and spoke with the man and the 15 year old boy. The boy displayed a cut on his cheekbone and swelling of the eye area. Medics were called to check out the injuries on the boy’s face and it was suggested that he go to a medical facility to have an XRay done to rule out any broken bone. The boy only knew the first name of the other subject involved. He was eventually identified through Instagram and Archer City Police will be investigating.

Around 9:30am Saturday morning, a Wichita Falls Police Officer who lives in Lakeside City reported that someone broke into his vehicle overnight and stole several items relating to his work. Items missing include a gun belt, a holster, 2 magazines for a Glock .22 pistol, 2 pair of handcuffs, pepper spray, and a black police vest with the words “Police” on the front and back. Anyone with information about this crime is asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office @ 940-574-2571.

Just before 4pm Saturday afternoon, a worker at an Olney animal clinic reported that an Archer City resident brought her dog there after it was attacked by two large dogs in the yard of her home. She said the dogs belong in the neighborhood but had gotten out. The caller said the attacked dog had died from the injuries. Information was forwarded to Archer City Police for investigation.

Around 2:40am Sunday morning, a Lake Kickapoo resident reported that an elderly man was at the lake and appeared to be lost and confused. The caller did not know who the man and the man told him he was going to the Mississippi River. Deputies responded and made contact with the man who appeared to be suffering from Dementia. Deputies were able to make contact with a son of the man who lives in the Houston area. Once contacted, the son said he would make arrangements to come pick up his father. The man was taken to the Sheriff’s Office and Adult Protective Services was contacted. He was eventually taken to a Wichita Falls Hospital for evaluation and APS would care for him until family members could arrive to pick him up.

Shortly after noon on Sunday, a woman living on Tbone Road reported that she and her husband had been out of town and when they arrived home they noticed their utility trailer was gone from their property. They checked with family members to make sure no one had borrowed it which none did. A Deputy responded and took a report for the stolen trailer. The trailer was entered into the State and National Crime Database as a stolen vehicle.

Several vehicle burglaries were reported over the weekend in Lakeside City. Other than the one listed above minimal items were taken. One caller was missing a pack of cigarettes and another was missing some loose change. Please secure your vehicles even if parked in your driveway, garage, or carport. There are no suspects developed in these cases at the time of this report.

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