Sheriff Staci Beesinger

The Sheriff’s Office received 112 Calls for Service during the past 7-day period ending Sunday, December 16, 2018. On the day of this report there were 26 individuals incarcerated in the Archer County Jail consisting of 23 men and 3 women.

On Monday, a Lakeside City man was scammed out of $9000 by 3 men in Wichita Falls. The scam was reported to Wichita Falls Police. This is a reminder to be very cautious with your cash, credit cards, and any other financial assets when dealing with people in person or on the phone. In most cases, these types of crimes are extremely difficult to solve especially if no information about the scammer is obtained from the victim.

Just before 4pm Monday afternoon, a man wrecked his motorcycle and was thrown from the bike near a Windthorst business. The man was not injured and attempted to leave the scene before help could arrive. 1st Responders arrived and checked the man for injuries. He was cleared and DPS worked the accident.

Around 7:30pm Monday evening, the Toll Gate operator at Lake Diversion reported that a package was delivered to her at the Toll Gate and when she arrived there the package was gone. A check with the FedEx driver showed that a person signed for the package. An attempt to locate the person who received the package is ongoing.

Around 11pm Tuesday night, a woman reported that she and her boyfriend had gotten into a physical altercation and he had left the residence. She requested Officers due to being afraid he was going to return to the house. Archer City Police and Deputies responded and spoke with the caller who said that her boyfriend was throwing coins at her son attempting to wake him. She told him to stop and he attacked her throwing her to the ground. He then attempted to wrap a phone cord around her neck and bit her on the finger. He then left on foot with a knife and threatened to go to the Cemetery and cut himself. Officers searched the area and found the man who had come back to the residence. He was placed under arrest for Assault Family Violence and transported to the Archer County Jail.

Around 1pm Wednesday afternoon, an Archer City woman reported that someone wrote checks on her account at a Walmart and Burlington Coat Factory in Houston, Texas. She contacted her bank and they have reimbursed her the amount of the checks. Often times, someone will copy your account number and bank routing number from a valid check and then reprint checks with your information on them. Then, they use fake identification when passing the checks. Watch your bank statements carefully and report any suspicious activity on your account to the bank immediately.

Around 2pm Thursday afternoon, an Archer County man living on Hwy 79 reported that he was receiving terroristic threats from a man who used to be in a relationship with his current girlfriend. The texts indicated that the former boyfriend was going to stab him and kill him. The caller was out of town when he received the texts and there was no immediate danger to him. Deputies were made aware of the threats and will be following up with the caller once he returns home.

Just before 10am Friday morning, 2 women came into the Sheriff’s Office and one of the women reported that she had been assaulted by her boyfriend and kicked out of his vehicle on Hwy 25 near FM 210. The other woman had stopped and given the victim a ride to the Sheriff’s Office. The woman stated that her boyfriend assaulted her at a residence in Wichita Falls. He then was giving her a ride to her home in Olney when she became afraid that he was about to assault her again and was left on the side of the road. A Shelter in Olney was contacted and someone there agreed to pick up the woman and take her to Wichita Falls to report the assault. She would then be given a ride back to Olney. No further action was taken since the crime occurred in Wichita Falls.

Around 5:30pm Saturday afternoon, a business owner reported that a female came to his business and began causing a disturbance. He requested an Officer to bar the woman from the business. A few minutes later the woman also called and demanded to speak with an Officer at her Archer City home. Officers spoke to both parties involved and the woman was barred from the business. Alcohol was a factor in this incident.

Just before midnight Saturday night, a man travelling north of US 281 stopped at a Scotland gas station that was closed for the evening. The man reported that he was out of gas and requested assistance. A Deputy responded to help the man and once on scene he checked the man for warrants. The man was found to be wanted out of Harris County for Aggravated Theft over $30,000 under $150,000. The man’s 18 year old son was with him and a family member living in Graham was called to bring gas for the disabled vehicle so the young man could continue on his way. The other man was arrested and transported to the Archer County Jail.

Around 2pm Sunday afternoon, a couple living on Hwy 79 reported that there were a couple of men and a woman at their home asking to search it for a stolen purse. The caller said the men were tracking a cell phone inside the purse and it showed to be at their address. A Deputy responded and spoke with the caller and the people looking for the purse. After checking the tracking device it was learned that the location was showing on Hwy 79 North. The caller lives on Hwy 79 South. The Deputy advised the people they needed to request assistance from Clay County law enforcement since the address they were looking for is in Clay County.

Just before 8pm Sunday night, a woman living in Austin reported that she owns a residential property in Lakeside City that she rents to a woman with a small child. She said she has not heard from the woman and knows that the woman’s ex-husband had showed up at the residence. She requested a welfare check on the woman. Deputies went to the residence and two men inside the house slammed the door in the Deputy’s face. The Deputy was able to make contact with the men who said the woman no longer lived there. The woman was contacted by phone and told Officers that she left the residence when her ex-husband showed up due to being afraid of him. She indicated that she was no longer living at the residence. The property owner was notified of the situation.

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