The Sheriff’s Office received 134 Calls for Service during the past 7-day period ending Sunday, January 6, 2019. On the day of this report there were 21 individuals incarcerated in the Archer County Jail consisting of 17 men and 4 women. In December, 2018, 23 individuals were arrested and booked into the Archer County Jail consisting of 17 men and 6 women.

On Monday morning, 2 separate callers reported that their vehicle had been burglarized overnight on Shoreline Dr in Lakeside City. Both vehicles had a window broken on the vehicle. The first caller reported a black glove lying beside the vehicle and a coin purse valued at $70 was stolen. The second caller reported a Michael Kors purse valued at $100 and 6 tubes of lipstick valued at $25 were taken from her vehicle. Anyone with information about these burglaries are asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office.

Around 10am Monday morning, an Archer City woman reported that her boyfriend was having a mental breakdown and holding her 1 week old baby. She advised that he stated “No one is getting this baby out of my arms.” Deputies responded and calmed the man down and the baby was not harmed. Arrangements for the man to speak with mental health personnel were made for the man and he left the residence. No further incident reported.

Around 12:30am Tuesday morning, an off-duty Deputy reported a possible drunk driver travelling on south on Hwy 25 east of Archer City. The caller followed the vehicle on FM 2581 to US 281 where the vehicle turned north. Deputies responded and located the vehicle back on Hwy 25 north of Windthorst. The female driver was stopped and checked for intoxication. She was subsequently arrested for Driving While Intoxicated and transported to the Archer County Jail where she was released later in the day on a $2000 bond.

Just before 8am Wednesday morning, Deputies, DPS, and Megargel Fire Department responded to a semi truck and trailer that rolled over on Hwy 114 near Terrapin Rd. A Deputy on scene advised the truck and trailer were blocking the entire roadway. TxDot was called to assist with traffic control and the icy roadway. The driver was not injured in the accident and traffic diverted onto FM 210 while the wreck was cleaned up. DPS worked the accident. 2 more accidents were reported on Hwy 79 south of Archer City, one at the Young Co. line and one near Falls County Rd. Both vehicles in these accidents went through fences but no injuries were reported. DPS worked all accidents.

Shortly after 5:30pm Wednesday afternoon, 2 Megargel residents were arrested on drug charges after Deputies and other Officers executed search warrants on 3 residences in Megargel. Both subjects have been released from custody after posting bonds of $1500 and $2500 respectively.

Around 7pm Wednesday evening, Wichita Falls Police advised they were terminating a pursuit that began in their City and the vehicle was southbound on US 281 entering Archer County. They advised that the vehicle had been involved in a Hit and Run Accident earlier that they were investigating. Archer County Deputies, a Game Warden, a Constable, and a Wichita County unit picked up the pursuit that went south through Archer County into Jack and then Young Co. Young County Deputies attempted to spike the vehicle in Loving but were unsuccessful. The vehicle then travelled back into Archer County when 2 sets of spikes were thrown on US 281 near Lake Creek Rd. The vehicle kept travelling north on US 281 with tires deflated until it finally came to a stop hear FM 1954. The female driver was detained and arrested for numerous charges including Child Endangerment due to having a 14 year old child in the vehicle. She remains in custody in the Archer County Jail with bonds totaling only $`16,500.

On Thursday, several accidents were reported in the County due to icy roads. One caller reported a pickup on its side on US 82/277 1 mile west of Hwy 25. Officers responded and found the driver attempting to get out of the vehicle. He was not injured in the accident.

Around 3pm Thursday afternoon, a Lubbock woman reported that she had received a call from her sister-in-law who lives in Lakeside City accusing her of having an affair with her husband. The caller also said the woman had reported her to Child Protective Services accusing her of sex trafficking out her children. The Lakeside City woman suffers from a mental illness but will not seek help. The Lubbock woman was advised to contact the County Judge to inquire about a mental health commitment order for the woman.

Around 4pm Friday afternoon, an Archer County woman reported that someone had scammed her out of $26 dollars and then created a Facebook account using her information to scam others. The woman was not concerned about the money but worried her reputation could be ruined because of the bogus Facebook account. A Deputy spoke with the woman and attempted to locate the bogus Facebook page but it could not be found. It was assumed that the page had been deleted. Guard your accounts to prevent incidents such as this from happening.

Around 2:30pm Saturday afternoon, a man driving a wrecker was in the process of conducting a repossession of a vehicle in Archer City when he dropped the vehicle from the wrecker. Archer City Police and a Deputy responded and checked the driver who was found to be driving with a suspended license. The driver’s license showed previous convictions for Driving While License Invalid and he was placed under arrest and transported to the Archer County Jail. Another wrecker was called to pick up the first wrecker and the vehicle that was being repossessed. The driver was released later in the day after posting a $3500 bond.

Around 9pm Saturday evening, Deputies and Windthorst 1st Responders were called to a one vehicle rollover just inside Clay County on Scheffe Rd. The female driver had crawled out of her vehicle and called her husband for help. Once on scene, it appeared the vehicle had driven off in a ditch and hit a culvert causing the accident. The woman was not injured and DPS was called to work the accident.

Around 3:30am Sunday morning, Wichita Falls Police reported that they received a 911 call from a female in Lakeside City East that reported a domestic disturbance. The female would give no other information about her location. Deputies responded and finally located a residence where the disturbance occurred. A male subject left the residence out the back door before the Deputy could get inside. The female would not give any information on what happened. She had called a family member to pick her up. The woman did not have any physical injury that the Deputy could see. No one at the residence would cooperate with the Deputies. The woman’s mother arrived to pick her up and no further incident occurred.

Just before 1pm Sunday afternoon, a resident at an Archer City apartment complex reported that two men were yelling at each other about money. Archer City Police responded and located the two men. They advised that they were not in an argument but just hard of hearing and that’s why they were yelling at each other. No disturbance occurred.

Around 11pm Sunday night, Deputies responded to an Archer City residence after a female living there reported that her husband had been knocking her around all day long. Once on scene, the Deputies spoke with the woman who claimed to have an injured knee. The male subject was not at the residence when Deputies arrived. A report for Assault Family Violence was initiated and the victim agreed to write a statement of what occurred. The case is still under investigation.

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