Archer County Sheriff’s   Weekly  Report

Sheriff Staci Beesinger

The Sheriff’s Office received 134 Calls for Service during the past 7-day period ending Sunday, July 21, 2019. On the day of this report there were 17 individuals incarcerated in the Archer County Jail consisting of 12 men and 5 women.

Around 9:30am Monday morning, a drilling rig employee reported that someone stole equipment off the company drilling rig that was located on a location off FM 1954 east of US 281. Missing from the rig and the values were Guiberson Slips($5151), 2 Obannon Solid Elevators($957 each), 3 cases of Badger Swab Cups($395, $285, and $567), 2 3/4 Trico rod wrenches($169 each), and 2 5/8 Trico rod wrenches($171 each). Entry to the location was gained by cutting a lock off a gate. If you have information about this crime please contact the Sheriff’s Office 940-574-2571.

Just before 9pm Monday evening, a man living off FM 1954 near FM 2224 reported that he was mowing and came across a bone that appeared to be human. Deputies responded and examined the bone which was determined to be a leg bone from a deer.

Shortly after midnight early Tuesday morning, an elderly woman living on US 281 reported that she needed help due to an alarm going off in her home. A Deputy in the area was sent to investigate. The Deputy found that the battery in her smoke alarm had run its course. The Deputy removed the dead battery to silence the alarm since the woman was not able to. She was able to get back to sleep for the night.

Just before 9am Tuesday morning, a man living on Carter Rd reported that he did not have a key to get in or out of his home and that he suspected someone had been inside since he is missing some property. A Deputy responded and spoke with the man who said he was convinced that someone was in his closets. A check of the home did not reveal any intruders. The Deputy spoke with the man’s wife who said she had not heard anything unusual. The man then advised that he was taking his meds and seeing his Doctor but was still having some issues.

Around 7:30pm Tuesday evening, a Dundee woman reported that her adult son called her and threatened to kill her for selling her own boat. A Deputy responded and spoke with the woman. It was learned that the woman’s son did not threaten her directly but another person may have heard him make the statement. There was no criminal offense committed and the woman was urged to contact the Sheriff’s Office if her son directly threatened her.

Around 12:30pm Wednesday afternoon, a woman reported that she was at her mother’s home in Scotland and a neighbor had cut her mother’s fence panel so that his animals could come over to her mother’s property. A Deputy responded and observed the reported damaged fence. One wire on the panel had been damaged when the neighbor was digging a post hole near the panel. The neighbor’s birds were coming onto the woman’s property but they were flying over and not coming through the fence. Since there was no intent to damage the panel no citation was issued. Both parties were informed of the laws regarding animals on other’s property.

Shortly after 1pm Wednesday afternoon, an Archer City Police Officer was notified direct about a couple fighting at an Archer City residence. The Officer responded but no one was at the residence. A search of the area and the female’s work place was conducted but she was not located. Archer City Police are following up on the report.

Around 12:45pm Thursday, a travelling motorist reported a reckless driver on Hwy 79 near Falls County Rd. The caller said the vehicle was a blue minivan with no side mirrors, had a spare tire strapped on top, and was covered in spray paint. The vehicle had Arkansas license plates but the caller could not read the numbers. The caller said the van pulled onto the shoulder and was yelling at her. They then got back on the road and passed her eventually pulling over again to change drivers. A Deputy and Archer City Police Officer searched Hwy 79 but were unable to locate the van. It was suspected it turned off through the country to avoid being stopped by law enforcement.

Shortly after 5pm on Friday, an Archer City woman reported that someone had broken into her mother’s home in Archer City and moved property from inside the house to the front porch. There were also several broken windows at the home. She advised that she suspected that someone was going to come back and take the property. Archer City Police responded and spoke with the caller. She said no one lives in the house at the present time and has no idea who would move the property outside. She was advised to check all her mother’s belongings and make a list of anything missing and then secure the residence.

Shortly after 10pm Friday evening, Deputies went to an Archer City home looking for a man wanted for a Probation Violation out of Denton County. The charge stems from a previous arrest for Driving While Intoxicated. The man was located, arrested, and transported to the Archer County Jail. He was released the following day after posting a $2500 bond.

Around 4:30am Saturday morning, a travelling motorist on US 281 northbound near Antelope reported a white truck that was travelling in the oncoming lane of traffic. The caller advised that the vehicle was all over the roadway. A Deputy was able to locate the vehicle and stopped it in Scotland. The driver was elderly and told the Deputy that he had gotten up early to go to the Casino but he was having trouble waking up. The Deputy gave the man a Coke and had him get out and walk around for a while to wake up. He was released without citation.

Around 6:30pm Saturday afternoon, an Archer City woman reported that her teen daughter works at the Archer City Swimming Pool. When the daughter got into her vehicle to leave after work, she noticed everything missing from her vehicle. The thieves had already drained her bank account by the time the burglary was discovered.

Around 8:30pm Saturday evening, a Wichita Falls man reported that he was in Archer City at the Softball Field for a tournament. When he got into his vehicle, he sat on a pair of sunglasses that didn’t belong to him. He didn’t think much about it and figured his kids had found them. Later after returning home he went to take his wife to dinner and realized his wallet had been stolen from his vehicle. He later called back and reported that his debit card had been used. Archer City Police are investigating both cases. If anyone else has anything missing from their vehicle that was either at the pool or the ball fields on Saturday please report it to the Sheriff’s Office.

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