Archer County Sheriff’s   Weekly  Report

Sheriff Staci Beesinger

The Sheriff’s Office received 130 Calls for Service during the past 7-day period ending Sunday, August 4, 2019. On the day of this report there were 20 individuals incarcerated in the Archer County Jail consisting of 17 men and 3 women. During the month of July, 2019, 28 individuals were arrested and booked into the Archer County Jail consisting of 19 men and 9 women.

Just a reminder that the public can access the current jail roster by going to The roster is updated immediately when someone is booked into the jail and when someone is released.

On Monday afternoon, 3 fires were reported in the County within minutes of each other. Windthorst and Scotland were called to assist Clay County on a fire near Miller Shores at the Deer Creek Bridge. A minute later, Holliday, Bowman, and Lake Kickapoo responded to a grass fire on FM 368 at Dundee Rd. A short time later, Archer City and Windthorst firemen responded to an oil storage tank fire on Prideaux Rd off of FM 2581. The fires were blamed on lightening strikes in the area. Things are getting dry in the County and any burning should be done with caution and reported to the Sheriff’s Office before you burn.

Around 5pm Monday, an Archer County woman reported that she had been receiving threatening voicemails from her ex-sister-in-law. A Deputy responded and spoke with the woman and then made contact with the person leaving the messages. She was advised to stop calling the reporting party immediately or face legal action. No other reports of threats were reported.

Shortly after 5pm Tuesday afternoon, a travelling motorist reported he saw a female sitting in the ditch on Hwy 79 near FM 1954 who was crying. A Deputy responded and found the woman who said she had gotten into an argument with her mother and she was walking toward Wichita Falls. She advised she had nowhere to go. Medics were called to check her for heat exhaustion and she was eventually cleared medically. The Deputy convinced the woman to go back to her mother’s house and work things out. He gave her a courtesy transport to that location.

Just before 10pm Tuesday evening, Wichita Falls notified Archer County that they were in pursuit of a vehicle in their city but suspected it would travel into Archer County. Deputies responded but were not able to confirm that information. Wichita PD lost the vehicle but later observed it again and was finally able to get it stopped. The driver, Jimmy Dean Andrews of Holliday, was arrested on several Wichita County charges and was also wanted out of Archer County for the burglary of a business on US 281 that occurred a couple of weeks earlier. He is being held in Wichita County with our hold placed on him.

Around 7:30am Wednesday morning, a woman wanted for a probation violation stemming from a prior arrest for Possession of Methamphetamine over 4 grams/less than 200 grams was arrested after she turned herself in to the Sheriff’s Office. She was later released after posting a $25,000 bond.

Around 2pm Wednesday afternoon, a woman living on Hwy 79 reported that a UPS package had been stolen off her porch. She contacted UPS and was advised a report was required for them to proceed with her claim. The woman advised that the package was stolen on July 26 but was just reporting it. A report was made. No suspects in this case.

Around 2:30pm Wednesday, a Baylor County man was arrested on a warrant for Possession of Identifying Information under 5 pieces. He was later released later that day after posting a $1000 cash bond.

Around 9pm Thursday night, a man living on FM 1954 reported that a man driving a vehicle broke down and is in his driveway. He advised that he went out to help and the man stated he didn’t need any help. After watching the man for a while the caller reported that the man was running around his vehicle and acting strange. Deputies responded and checked the man who was in possession of an illegal controlled substance. He was placed under arrest and transported to the Archer County Jail. The vehicle was towed from the scene. The man remains in custody with a bond of $7500 and a Parole Violation hold as well.

Around 8:30am Friday morning, a man who has a new house being built on Berryman Rd reported that someone entered the structure during the previous night and took several power tools, an air compressor, and other misc tools. The tools and equipment were owned by the construction personnel building the house. A Deputy responded and observed that someone had urinated in several areas of the residence. Evidence was gathered and this case is under investigation.

Around 4pm Friday afternoon, a man living on Berryman Rd reported that his 2008 white Toyota Tundra had been stolen overnight. A Deputy responded and spoke with the reporting party. It was suspected the person who stole the vehicle was also involved in the burglary from the story above. Later that evening, a friend of the caller saw the vehicle at a convenience store on Kemp St. in Wichita Falls. Wichita Falls Police were notified and the friend tried to follow the vehicle until Police could intercept. The vehicle was lost before Police could locate it. Shortly after midnight early Saturday morning, Wichita Falls Police located the vehicle in a Wichita Falls neighborhood. A man was arrested in connection with the theft and is being held in the Wichita County Jail. It is suspected he is responsible for the burglary in Archer County and an Investigator is following up on the case.

Around 7:30pm Friday night, Wichita Falls Police notified Archer County that a man was at their location trying to report an assault that occurred in Archer County. They said the man was beat up pretty bad. A Deputy was notified and requested that the man go to the hospital to be treated and he would meet him there. The Deputy interviewed the man who said he went to an Archer County business located on FM 1954 to pick up his last paycheck. Once there he said he was assaulted by employees at the business. The case is under investigation.

Shortly after 2am early Saturday morning, a vehicle was stopped on a traffic violation on Hwy 79 south of FM 1954. The 21 year old driver produced a Colorado driver’s license but was driving a Texas registered vehicle. The vehicle was searched after consent was given and an illegal substance was found. The driver was arrested and transported to the Archer County Jail where he was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance over 1 gram but less than 4 grams. He remains in custody with a $7500 bond.

Around 2:30am Saturday morning, a Deputy stopped a vehicle for improper display of registration on Hwy 79 near Tbone Rd. The vehicle was occupied by 2 males and a female. All occupants attempted to give false information of their identity. Consent to search was given by the driver. One male and the female were in possession of a controlled substance and placed under arrest. The female was released later Saturday after posting a $5000 bond. The male subject remains in custody.

Around 5pm Saturday afternoon, a woman called 911 and reported a disturbance at a Lakeside City pet store and requested a Deputy. She advised that she entered the store with her service dog that comforts her in certain situations but the employees there would not allow her to take the dog in a certain room. A Deputy responded and spoke with all parties. The employee said they would not allow her to take the dog in the room that contained all the birds due to causing the birds stress and mayhem. The Deputy asked the woman to refrain from going into that particular room to maintain order in the store. She was not satisfied with that response and threatened to report the store and the Deputy to the Feds as a violation of the Americans with Disability Act. She was asked to take her business elsewhere.

Around 2:30am Sunday morning, a woman called and said she was struck at Lake Arrowhead and needed assistance. The call was transferred to Clay County. After several hours of searching with no results in locating the woman a call back to her was finally answered. She verified she was at Lake Arrowhead. Her cell phone was pinged and it showed her in the area of Dundee. The woman was finally located just south of the Wichita County line near Lake Diversion. She was highly intoxicated and had struck several objects with her vehicle. She was placed under arrest for Driving While Intoxicated and transported to the Archer County Jail. The whole ordeal tied up Deputies from Archer and Clay County and DPS Troopers for almost 8 hours. The woman gave an address of Lakeside City.

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