Archer County Sheriff’s   Weekly  Report

Archer County Sheriff Staci Beesinger

Shortly after 5pm Thursday afternoon, a Megargel man reported that his wife had attempted suicide by taking several pills of a prescription medication. An ambulance and 1st Responders went to the residence and the woman was transported to an Olney Hospital. Deputies responded to the Hospital and were able to speak with the woman. She told Officers that she did it because she was tired of arguing with her husband. Mental Health authorities were contacted to assess the woman and provide their services.

Shortly after 6am Friday morning, a Holliday woman reported that her mother had stopped taking her medication and was not in a stable state of mind. She said the woman was breaking glasses and throwing things for no reason and had threatened to harm herself. Holliday Police responded and is following up on the issue.

Shortly after 3pm Friday afternoon, an Archer City woman was arrested by Deputies at a local Archer City restaurant after a warrant for Possession of Methamphetamine was issued. The offense occurred back in November, 2018 and the arrest was pending lab results on the illegal substance. She remains in custody under a $25,000 bond.

Shortly after 3:30pm Friday afternoon, a travelling motorist reported that an elderly female had driven off the roadway and into a field on Hwy 25 near Munchrath Rd. Officers and Medical Personnel responded and an ambulance was called. The woman was transported to a Wichita Falls Hospital for treatment of unknown injuries. The land owner was notified due to cattle in the field. There was no word on the woman’s condition at the time of this report.

Just before 4am early Saturday morning, a Deputy on patrol stopped a vehicle on Hwy 114 near Megargel on a traffic violation. The Deputy conducted a probable cause search and an unknown substance was found. The male driver was also operating the vehicle with an invalid driver’s license. The driver was released until further investigation can be conducted. His vehicle was left on the side of the road at his request since he did not know anyone who could drive a standard shift transmission.

Around 4pm Saturday afternoon, a woman living in Kentucky reported that she had been receiving threatening messages on Facebook from an Archer County man. She spoke with a Deputy and said that the messages pertain to a Sexual Assault case she has against a man who is currently being held in the Wichita County Jail. A report was made and forwarded to another Deputy for investigation.

Around 2:30am Sunday morning, a Deputy observed a suspicious vehicle driving around Archer City. The vehicle had stopped in front of a vacant house and had also driven into a driveway and later backed out attempting to evade the Officer. The vehicle was eventually stopped on a traffic violation and the occupants checked. The female driver did not possess a driver’s license and the Officer observed fresh puncture wounds on both her arms. The male passenger was also checked and neither one of them would state their business in the area at that time of the morning. The Deputy observed drug paraphernalia in the back floorboard of the vehicle and also found 2 pipes commonly used to smoke Methamphetamine that had been thrown out of the vehicle prior to being stopped. Both subjects were placed under arrest for Possession of a Controlled Substance under 1 gram and transported to the Archer County Jail.

Around 5:30am Sunday morning, Deputies were sent to Lake Cooper to check the welfare of a 4-year- old child after the mother reported the father of the child was drinking and not supervising the child. The woman did not have an address but gave a vehicle description the father would be driving. While at the lake area, Deputies observed a vehicle pull in to a lake cabin containing 3 subjects. One of the subjects got out of the vehicle and ran away as if evading the Officers. The other two were checked and 1 female was arrested after a pipe containing a white substance was found in the woman’s underwear. A female Officer on scene located the pipe during a search of the woman for contraband. Officers entered the cabin in fresh pursuit of the man that ran away and observed evidence of drug use in the cabin. A search warrant was obtained and run on the property. A warrant of arrest is pending the male subject who ran from the location and the other male at the scene was released with no charges. Officers did not locate the father of the child on the original call due to limited information given by the caller.

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