Archer County Sheriff’s   Weekly  Report

Sheriff Staci Beesinger

The Sheriff’s Office received 116 Calls for Service during the past 7-day period ending Sunday, September 8, 2019. On the day of this report there were 26 individuals incarcerated in the Archer County Jail consisting of 21 men and 5 women.

Around 3pm Monday afternoon, a female subject called 911 and reported that she was in a pasture behind her house and requested to speak with a Trooper as soon as possible. She advised that she suffers from Dementia and to get the Trooper there quick before she forgets why she wants to speak with him. She also stated that her husband was asleep and he would be mad at her if he woke up. It was determined that the woman was just inside Wichita County and the information was transferred to them. A short time later she called 911 again and was adamant about speaking with a Trooper. She was advised that she needed to speak with Wichita County to which she refused. A short time later an employee at a Holliday business reported a woman in the area was talking to herself and bothering customers. Holliday Police responded and made contact with the woman who was the same person that had been calling 911. After trying to figure out what the woman wanted to no avail a Trooper was called to speak with her. The woman’s husband was then called to come pick her up and seek a mental health assessment for his wife.

Around 6pm on Tuesday, a man hunting on family property reported that someone was also hunting in the area and were shooting toward where he was sitting. He advised that pellets were falling all around him. After further investigation the caller then advised that he had spoken with family members of some kids who were shooting in the area. The family members assured the caller that the situation would be handled. The caller was advised to call at the time of the offense if there was any further incident. Please hunt responsibly!

Around 5am Wednesday morning, a travelling motorist on Hwy 79 just north of Cottonwood Rd reported a large box in the roadway that appeared to have fallen from a moving vehicle. A Deputy responded and found debris scattered all over the highway. It was evident that someone had struck the large box that contained household goods such as dishes, towels, etc. The debris was moved from the highway and placed in the ditch and TxDot was notified to remove the items later that day. If you lost the box you can contact TxDot for a disposition of the items.

On Wednesday, 3 separate grass fires were reported in Archer County. Lakeside City and Bowman responded to a grass fire near FM 1954 and US 281 reportedly started by a transformer. Holliday and Bowman responded to Warren Plant Rd on a grass fire there with an unknown origin. Lakeside City responded to a grass fire at Culley and Parker Rds as well. Archer County is currently in a Burn Ban until further notice.

Around 1am Thursday morning, a man living on US 281 reported that his 23-year-old daughter was off the rails again and had attacked her mother. He advised that they locked her outside the house and she is banging on the door trying to get in the house. Deputies responded and found the woman outside in the driveway. After speaking with her and the parents the female was placed under arrest for Assault Family Violence due to evidence of a physical assault. She remains in custody in the Archer County Jail with a $7500 bond.

Shortly before 4pm on Thursday, Archer City Police received a call from someone at the Archer City School in reference to a disturbance. A Police Officer and a Deputy responded and made contact with some male juveniles involved in an altercation. One of the male subjects was detained for Disorderly Conduct after he refused to leave the school property and was transported to a parent. A short time later another call of an assault was reported at the School and an ambulance was dispatched to respond. One male juvenile was reportedly assaulted and transported to a Wichita Falls Hospital for treatment. Archer City Police are following up on the case.

Just before 9am Friday morning, a Lake Kickapoo resident reported that her 36 year old son was cutting himself and arguing with his girlfriend on the telephone. She advised that he had also taken several of her prescription meds. Deputies and medical personnel responded and spoke with the man who was later transported to a Wichita Falls Hospital for treatment and a MHMR assessment. Later Friday afternoon, the man’s girlfriend called 911 and reported that she had picked the man up from the hospital and took him home but that he would not get out of her vehicle. Deputies again responded but the man had exited the vehicle before they arrived. The woman then left the residence and there was no further incident.

Shortly after midnight early Saturday morning, a Jailer at the Jail requested Deputies for assistance with a female inmate. The Jailer advised that the woman was requesting medical treatment because her brain was melting and she was dying. There was no evidence of a melting brain so medical was not called. The woman then began beating on the cell door, throwing items at the camera, dousing herself in water, and urinating on the floor then lying in it exhibiting actions of having a seizure. Deputies arrived at the jail and the woman was forcefully moved to a holding cell for better observation. She finally calmed down and went to sleep with no further issues. By the way, the Sheriff’s Office is always looking for qualified individuals to work in the Jail. Applications for Jailer are being accepted

Around 2am Saturday morning, a Deputy patrolling on Hwy 79 near Kemp St. stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation. The male driver was suspected of being intoxicated and refused to perform field sobriety testing. He was placed under arrest for Driving While Intoxicated, 3rd or more, a third degree felony, and transported to the Archer County Jail. The 25 year old driver was also in possession of a 9mm handgun. He was released later that day after posting a $10,000 bond.

Around 4pm on Sunday, an Archer City woman reported that her 54-year-old husband had been assaulted by his 32-year-old son. She advised both men were in the yard of the residence. Deputies responded and interviewed both men. The older of the men admitted that he threw the first punch and then both men went to the ground. He was bleeding from the fall but not from the assault. He was issued a citation for Simple Assault and both parties were separated for the rest of the day.

Shortly after 9pm Sunday evening, a travelling motorist on Hwy 25 west of Windthorst reported that he just witnessed a vehicle hit several cows that were on the highway. Deputies, DPS, and medical personnel responded to the scene. Another vehicle also hit the cows before help could arrive. The first vehicle was totaled in the crash but the second vehicle was drivable. Luckily, no people were injured in the crash.

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