Archer County Sheriff’s  Weekly Report

Sheriff Staci Beesinger

The Sheriff’s Office received 116 Calls for Service during the past 7-day period ending Sunday, May 10, 2020. On the day of this report there were 26 individuals incarcerated in the Archer County Jail consisting of 20 men and 6 women.

Around 6:30pm Monday evening, an Archer County woman reported that she had been notified by a Ft. Worth man that someone gave him a check for a bike that had her bank account number on it but was in the name of a deceased Archer City couple. The man’s bank would not cash the check, so the caller did not lose any money. The fraud was reported to Ft. Worth Police and the caller notified her bank of the attempted passing of the check.

Around 9:30pm Monday night, Archer City Police stopped a vehicle on Hwy 79 north of the City Limits that displayed a Kansas license plate. The vehicle was occupied by 8 individuals and were removed one at a time for a consent search. Two of the females were in possession of suspected Heroin. A male subject was in possession of Marijuana but was released until a warrant could be obtained. The two females were arrested and transported to the Archer County Jail where they remain in custody with bonds of $7500 each.

Shortly after 3pm on Tuesday afternoon, Deputies responded to the Archer Nursing Center to transport a resident to the Wichita Falls State Hospital. The resident had displayed violent tendencies toward staff and other residents at the Center. The resident was accepted at the State Hospital with no further incident.

Around 10am Wednesday morning, a man feuding with family members called the Sheriff’s Office to report the location of drugs and drug paraphernalia at the family’s home. While the caller was on hold any comments made are recorded as are all calls made to the Sheriff’s Office. The caller made comments that indicated he was making up a story about the drugs. No action was taken on the reported crime due to the lack of probable cause for a search warrant.

On Wednesday afternoon, a Holliday man reported that another man keeps driving by his residence yelling obscene language and flipping him off. Holliday Police were notified and located the suspect at his Holliday residence. This incident is part of an ongoing feud between the two parties. Both involved were advised to “knock it off.” No further issues reported.

Shortly after 5am Thursday morning, a Bowman area resident reported that a vehicle had been parked in the Bowman Cemetery with the bright lights on for over an hour. A Deputy responded and checked the 3 occupants of the vehicle. They advised they were looking for a certain grave. Although suspicious, no criminal activity was observed by the Officer. They were told to leave and come back during daylight hours.

Around 9pm Thursday night, a Baylor County Dispatcher reported that Officers with an Oklahoma inmate transport company were stranded on US 82/277 14 miles east of Maybelle. The van the transport officers were driving was struck by large hail breaking all windows out of the van. It was reported that one of the Officers sustained cuts from the breaking glass. The van was transporting 8 inmates from Haskell County back to Oklahoma. Deputies responded along with a Baylor County Deputy and EMS. The Officer was treated for the cuts and another transport van was summoned out of Haskell to pick up the Officers and inmates until the transport company could send another van to pick them up.

Shortly after 1am early Friday morning, Baylor County advised that a juvenile had taken her parents vehicle without permission. They requested Archer County Deputies attempt to locate the juvenile and the vehicle. Deputies searched the area between Holliday and the Baylor County line but did not locate either. Shortly after 2am information was received that the girl had made contact with her father via text. The father did not want to file any charges but wanted Officers to scare his daughter. Deputies closed this call without further action.

Around 8:30am Friday, a Megargel man reported that his bank had advised him that someone had tried to use his bank card. He advised that he had only used the card for gas in Archer City and at an Olney grocery store. Gas pumps at an Archer City convenience store were checked but no card reader was located. The man’s bank stopped payment on the fraudulent transaction, so no loss occurred.

Shortly before 1pm on Saturday, a man requested a welfare check on his brother in law who was driving erratically on US 281 northbound entering Archer County from Jack County. The caller said the man was suffering from depression and off his medication. The caller and another family member were following the man trying to get him to pull over. A Deputy responded and conducted a traffic stop on the man just inside Archer County. The Deputy advised that the man appeared clear headed and showed no signs of impairment. He was allowed to proceed on his way with his family following him. It was not clear where the man was headed.

Shortly after 11pm Saturday night, a woman living on FM 1954 reported a man was knocking on her door and saying that someone ran him off the road. A short time later another caller reported a one vehicle rollover on FM 1954 just west of Sisk Rd. Deputies, DPS, and medical personnel responded and found a gray passenger rolled over in the ditch. The male driver was checked and refused transport to a hospital for treatment. He was eventually placed under arrest for Driving While Intoxicated and Possession of Marijuana. He was taken to a hospital for clearance and then booked into the Archer County Jail.

Around 6pm Sunday evening, an Archer City man reported a disturbance between himself and another man at an Archer City residence. Deputies arrived and detained one of the men at the scene who was bleeding from the head. After interviewing both men and having the detained man checked by medical personnel the man was placed under arrest for Assault Causing Bodily Injury. He remains in custody at the time of this report. There was no information about the cause of the disturbance.

Shortly after 6pm Sunday evening, an Archer County resident reported that her brother and uncle live in an RV parked next to her home. She advised that her brother came and told her he thought -their uncle was deceased. Deputies and medical personnel responded. The 67-year-old man was pronounced deceased and sent for autopsy.

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