Archer County Sheriff’s   Weekly  Report

Sheriff Staci Beesinger

The Sheriff’s Office received 125 Calls for Service during the past 7-day period ending Sunday, December 1, 2019. On the day of this report there were 25 individuals incarcerated in the Archer County Jail consisting of 20 men and 5 women. During the month of November 2019, 41 individuals were arrested and booked into the Archer County Jail consisting of 30 men and 11 women.

Just before 12:30am early Monday morning, a Deputy patrolling on US 82 near Ferguson Rd observed a vehicle parked on the shoulder. He stopped to check the welfare of the driver and upon approach noticed the vehicle unoccupied. A check of the registration revealed the vehicle was reported stolen out of Kansas. The ignition had been punched and the vehicle was still warm. Deputies searched the area for someone walking but did not locate anyone in the area. The vehicle was impounded and the owner was notified of the recovery.

Around 4:30am Monday morning, a Holliday man reported that he was on the phone with what he thought was a sex chat line and the woman he was talking to is now trying to scam and/or blackmail him with his nude photos and videos online. He advised that he doesn’t know the woman’s name but has her email address. A Deputy responded and spoke with the man who said the woman is in Utah and he is not really concerned that she will do anything. He was advised to block the woman from all contact and social media.

Just before 10am Monday morning, Courthouse employees reported a man who appeared intoxicated that was inside the Courthouse Annex. They said the man left in a red pickup heading south on Hwy 79. A Deputy searched all the way to the Young County line but could not locate the vehicle. A short time later, the man was stopped by DPS on Hwy 79 north of Archer City. He told the Trooper he had stopped to by more alcohol. He was placed under arrest and transported to the Archer County Jail and charged with Driving While Intoxicated. Here’s a tip, don’t conduct business in the Courthouse unless your sober:)

Shortly after 3pm on Tuesday, an Archer City man reported that he was visiting his parents at another Archer City address when their neighbor started cussing him for exposing his genitals. Deputies and Archer City Police responded and made contact with both parties involved. Both men admitted a previous discrepancy between the two, 2 years ago, and the neighbor denied intentionally exposing himself. He did say that he occasionally steps outside behind his shop to urinate.

Around 4:30pm Wednesday afternoon, a Holliday man reported that 3 male juveniles were vandalizing a house across the street from him. He advised that someone did live in the house and that they were kicking in the doors and windows. He then advised that the boys ran off while he was still on the phone with dispatch. Holliday Police were notified and was able to locate one of the boys due to the description of clothing the boys were wearing. The parents of all involved were notified and Holliday Police are following up on the incident.

Around 8pm Wednesday night, a customer at an Archer City business stepped outside the business and asked someone outside to call 911. Deputies and Archer City Police responded and made contact with a male patron inside due to a disturbance. The man was checked and found to be clear although his information revealed that he was gang affiliated. The disturbance was over something the man found in his food and he was making a complaint. The employee did not want to press any charges and the man left the business. No further incident.

Just before 3pm Thanksgiving Day, a man who could not speak English called 911 and was able to convey that he was involved in a vehicle accident. He gave a location of Hwy 82/277 near FM 368. Holliday 1st Responders, Deputies, and DPS responded to the area and found an 18-wheeler on its side. Diesel was spilling from the truck onto the roadway. TxDot was called to assist with traffic control and cleanup. After more than 4 hours the wreck was cleaned up and heavy traffic flowing again.

Around 6:30pm Thursday, a vehicle struck a deer on FM 368 near Gose City Rd causing the deer to hit another vehicle causing damage to both vehicles. No one was injured in this accident and only one of the vehicles had to be towed from the scene.

Other than the two wrecks listed above Thanksgiving Day was uneventful with no family drama:)

Just before 7am Friday morning, a travelling motorist reported a jack-knifed truck on US 82 near FM 368 in Holliday at the same location as the accident on Thursday. Deputies and DPS responded and found the truck high centered and stuck but not overturned. A wrecker was called and able to pull the truck back onto the roadway. After almost 2 hours traffic was flowing. No injuries were reported.

Around 2:30pm Friday, another truck jack-knifed in the same location blocking westbound traffic on US 82/277 and FM 368. Several units responded as well as TxDot to access the condition of the roadway. After 2.5 hours the accident was cleaned up. Again, no injuries were reported.

Around 6:30pm Friday evening, a Lakeside City woman advised that she was at a neighbor’s home and requested a civil standby to get her belongings from her parent’s home next door. She was evidently having a verbal altercation with her father and wanted to get her cell phone and debit card. When Deputies arrived, the woman was walking down the street carrying two duffle bags. Officers spoke with the woman who said she had everything but her cell phone and she was fine with that. She advised she was going to walk to Wichita Falls so no further assistance was needed.

Just before 4am early Saturday morning, a woman who was at a residence in Lakeside City reported that she had been thrown from the hood of a vehicle and needed an ambulance. The ambulance was notified to respond and a Deputy responded as well. Upon arrival, the Deputy observed the woman sitting on the ground in the driveway of the residence. She told the Deputy that she was trying to prevent her husband from driving intoxicated by jumping on the hood of the vehicle. The ambulance took the woman to a Wichita Falls hospital and the Deputy then attempted to locate her husband. He was located at a residence in Wichita Falls and told the Deputy that he had gone to bed at 10pm and his wife was in the garage drinking. He woke up at 3am and she was still drinking in the garage. They got into an argument and he attempted to leave and that’s when she jumped on the hood. He said he told her if she would get off the hood, he would let her in the vehicle. When she got off the hood and walked to the passenger door, he drove off leaving her standing in the driveway. The man said his wife had been to the Doctor 7 times for back issues but that no injury had occurred as she said. This case is still under investigation.

Around 2:30pm Sunday afternoon, an Archer City man reported that 2 women rang his doorbell and then entered his home through the garage. He told them to get out and called law enforcement. He said they were parked in a vehicle behind his home. Before Officers could arrive, the man called back to say that he had spoken with them and they were at the wrong house. The residence they were looking for was across the street from him. They were directed to the correct address with no further issues.

Shortly after 8pm Sunday night, a motorist on S. Center St. near South St. in Archer City observed something large in the road. As she got nearer a female jumped up, ran over, and struck a male subject in the head. The male walked away from her and she ran after him striking him in the face. Deputies responded and made contact with 2 males and a female. It was determined the altercation started at a residence on Homestead Ln. The female was placed under arrest for Assault Family Violence after assaulting her boyfriend and 2 more counts of Assault Causing Bodily Injury involving another male and female. She remains in custody at the Archer County Jail with bonds totaling $17,500.

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