Archer County Sheriff’s   Weekly  Report

Sheriff Staci Beesinger

The Sheriff’s Office received 119 Calls for Service during the past 7-day period ending Sunday, June 23, 2019. On the day of this report there were 24 individuals incarcerated in the Archer County Jail consisting of 18 men and 6 women.

Around 8pm on Monday evening, a representative at Camp Graham Ball near Lake Kickapoo requested a Deputy after a disturbance occurred involving a 10-year-old girl. Deputies responded and spoke with the caller who said the girl was acting out and was not supposed to be at the Camp. The girl’s parents were contacted but stated they did not have gas money to come get her. Adults at the Camp attempted to drive her home but the girl would not get into their vehicle. Deputies spoke with all involved and the girl agreed to be driven home by one of the Camp’s personnel. There was no further issue at the Camp.

Around 9pm Monday night, a Wichita Falls man was arrested on US 82 near Dundee by a DPS Trooper after he was stopped on a traffic violation. The man was wanted out of Taylor County for Misappropriation of Funds greater than $500. He was transported to the Archer County Jail where he was released the following day after posting a $25,000 bond.

Shortly after 8am Tuesday morning, a Scotland man reported that a 2017 Ranger Lincoln Welder that was housed in a metal cage and on skids was stolen from the back of a flatbed truck from a property on FM 368 just south of US 82 west of Mankins. He reported that there was an oxygen tank, an acetylene tank, and torches with the welder that were also stolen. He said the welder was on the property at 9:30pm Monday evening and gone at 7:30am Tuesday morning. A hired hand living on the property reported that he did not hear anything during the night and his dogs did not bark. Anyone with information about this crime is asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office.

Shortly after 8pm Tuesday evening, a passing motorist reported a motorcycle accident at the intersection of Hwy 25 and FM 172 in Archer County. Deputies, DPS, and medical personnel rushed to the scene and found the rider who suffered serious injury in the wreck. He was transported to a Wichita Falls hospital for treatment. It was reported the motorcycle failed to negotiate a curve in the roadway and crashed into the barrow ditch. No other vehicles were involved.

Shortly after 8am Wednesday morning, a travelling motorist reported that he saw a woman with long brown hair driving a dark blue extended cab pickup dumping a blue healer type dog at the rest area on Hwy 25 and FM 210. Deputies searched the area for the animal and for the pickup truck but were unable to locate either. Dumping animals is a crime and anyone caught will be prosecuted.

Around 11am Wednesday morning, an investigator with the Fate, Texas Department of Public Safety contacted an Archer County Investigator requesting assistance in locating a suspect in a Credit Card Fraud case. He reported that one of their citizen’s credit card information was used to purchase items that were shipped to an Archer County address. Our Investigator is following up on the case.

Around 2pm Thursday afternoon, an incident of Illegal Dumping was reported to a Deputy along with a license plate number on the suspect vehicle. A Deputy was able to eventually make contact with the violator who agreed to remove the trash in lieu of receiving a citation. The matter was resolved with the trash being removed from the roadway.

Around 6:30pm Thursday evening, a Holliday woman reported that the father of her children was barred from her property and was standing on the curb outside her home making threats. Holliday Police responded and made contact with the man. A check of the barred persons list revealed that the man was not barred from the property. After visiting with the man and the reporting party the Officer was able to get the subjects to come to an agreement about the exchange of the children. There was no further incident.

Around 2pm on Friday, a man reported that he had just been assaulted at an Archer County business. He reported that the business owner and a couple of his friends jumped him while he was at the business. Deputies responded and met with the caller and the business owner. The man claimed that he was a former employee of the business and went there to retrieve property that he owned. The business owner and other employees would not cooperate with Deputies. All subjects displayed evidence of an assault. The case is still under investigation at the time of this report.

Just before 8pm on Friday evening, Deputies went to an Archer City address to attempt to locate a man on a Mental Health Commitment issued by a Mental Health Judge. The man was located and transported to a Wichita Falls Mental Health facility. The commitment stems from several texts and Facebook posts the man created threatening to kill unknown persons and all their friends. The threats do not fall into a criminal category due to them not being directed to a specific person in the posts or texts. Within an hour, the man was released from the Mental Health facility with being admitted.

Around 5:30pm Saturday afternoon, a Kansas man reported that his 43-year-old friend and 13 year old son had been involved in an ATV accident on FM 1954 and Little Lease Rd. He advised that his friend had cuts on his body and head and that his son suffered a broken arm. Deputies, DPS, and medical personnel responded to the scene. One subject was transported to a Wichita Falls hospital for treatment. Later that evening, the property owner where the accident occurred requested to speak with Deputies and reported that the subjects injured were not supposed to be on the ATV and had been told several times to stay away from it. He indicated that he wanted to file charges for Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle. It was also indicated that the subjects were trespassing on the property. Officers are still investigating.

Around 6:30pm Saturday evening, a man babysitting his grandkids at a Lakeside City home reported that they had been gone from the residence and when they returned there was a bag of vegetables and trash in the driveway. He didn’t think much of it until the same thing happened again on Saturday. The homeowners have video cameras and when checked the video showed that a neighbor had thrown the trash in their yard. The neighbor had previously been barred from the caller’s property due to issues in the past. An Investigator is awaiting a copy of the video to see if enough evidence is present to file Criminal Trespass charges against the neighbor.

Around 1am Sunday morning, a woman living on US 281 reported that there were several people outside her home who were intoxicated and causing a disturbance. She said one of the persons is her ex-husband who she lives with and another female who is trying to provoke her. Deputies responded and spoke with all parties involved. The caller was looking after a small child belonging to another woman who was not at the scene. The mother of the child was called to retrieve the child and the caller left the residence to avoid any further confrontation. No arrests were made due to the intoxicated persons being on the property resided by one of the residents.

Later Sunday afternoon, storms moved through Archer County dropping several inches of rain across the area and causing some minor damage. No injuries were reported but several areas of Hwy 79 south of Archer City were covered with water causing a traffic hazard until they receded. Archer City Firemen, Deputies, and the Emergency Management Coordinator provided traffic control in the area until TxDot could arrive with signs to warn drivers of the flooded roadway.

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