Archer County Sheriff’s Weekly Report

Sheriff Staci Beesinger

The Sheriff’s Office re­ceived 000 Calls for Service during the past 7 day period ending Sunday, August 25, 2019. On the day of this re­port there were 29 individ­uals incarcerated in the Ar­cher County Jail consisting of 26 men and 3 women.

Around 8:30am Monday morning, an Archer City man reported that another man came to his Archer City residence and was getting in his face. He requested an Officer respond. Before Of­ficers could arrive the man called back and was now at the other man’s residence. The caller said the other man was spitting on him. Archer City Police responded and spoke to all involved. The second man was found to be wanted for several fines that had not been paid. He was placed under arrest and transported to the Archer County Jail to serve out a to­tal of $811 in fines.

Around 12:30pm Mon­day after lunch, a woman living on FM 1954 reported that someone had damaged her mailbox and may have opened some of her mail. A Deputy responded and found that the mailbox had been shot with a shotgun. Sever­al holes were in the mailbox and the pieces of mail were also damaged with small holes from the pellets. There are no suspects in the case and the damage was valued at approximately $150.

Around 5:30pm Tuesday afternoon, a Windthorst woman reported that the fa­ther of her daughter’s baby was at her home and trying to force his way into the res­idence. Deputies responded and were advised the male subject had left heading north on US 281. A Deputy was able to stop the vehicle and make contact with him. The caller told Deputies that he comes to the residence often and just barges into the house. The caller decid­ed that she did not want the male subject barred but that he has to learn to make ar­rangements to visit by call­ing first. No further action taken.

Around 11:30am Wednes­day morning, Archer Coun­ty Deputies were notified about a pursuit that started in Wilbarger County that was entering Baylor Coun­ty and might possibly enter Archer County. Deputies responded toward FM 210 and FM 422. The vehicle, a white 2019 Nissan Altima, being driven by a female was travelling at speeds of 120mph on FM 422 heading for Archer County. Spike strips were set up and the vehicle was spiked at Rattle­snake Hill on FM 422 in Ar­cher County. A male subject in the vehicle was wanted for several charges including a Parole Violation. Both the male and female were ar­rested and transported to the Archer County Jail where they were held for Wilbarger County with bonds totaling $325,000.

Shortly after 11pm Wednes­day night, a woman living on Hwy 79 reported that a man with a white muscle shirt and wild looking hair just knocked on her door asking for water. She said the man was out of breath and ask­ing to go to the State Hospi­tal. Deputies responded and found the man walking on Hwy 79 north of Tbone Rd. The man told Deputies he lived in Wichita Falls with his father. The father was contacted but didn’t have a vehicle to pick him up. The man was suffering from a mental disability and was transported to his home in Wichita Falls so family members could get him eval­uated.

Around 1am early Thurs­day morning, OnStar no­tified Archer County Dis­patch that an accident had occurred on US 82 just south of Holliday. The caller was patched through and told the call taker that his ve­hicle was out in a field and the airbags had deployed. Deputies, Holliday Police, DPS, and medical personnel responded and found the ac­cident between FM 368 and the Holliday business exit. A grass fire had erupted from the accident and Holliday Firemen were dispatched. An electric pole had been torn in half knocking out power to several homes in Holliday. The driver claimed he was not injured. He was placed under arrest by the DPS Trooper working the accident and transported to a hospital for non life threat­ening injuries. He was then transported to the Archer County Jail where he was charged with Driving While Intoxicated and Unlawfully Carrying a Weapon.

Around 3:30am Thursday morning, a passenger on a Greyhound Bus reported that the driver had pulled over on US 82 near Republi­can Rd because 2 subjects on the bus were fighting. The driver also reported the inci­dent and requested Officers. Deputies and Holliday Police responded and interviewed both subjects involved. One of the subjects was ultimate­ly arrested for Public Intoxi­cation and transported to the Archer County Jail where he was released much later in the day after sleeping off the alcohol. He was issued a ci­tation for the offense and left here afoot. He eventually got a ride from either family or friends.

Around 2:30pm Thurs­day afternoon, a Lakeside City man reported that his mother and her boyfriend had gotten into a fight and the boyfriend had shot her in the face with a BB gun and hit her in the head with some kind of object. Deputies re­sponded and searched for the boyfriend who had fled the scene on foot. Another man at the scene said he had been assaulted as well. Deputies searched along the shoreline in the cattails and eventually located the man hiding. He was placed under arrest and transported to the Archer County Jail where he was charged with Assault Caus­ing Bodily Injury, Assault Family Violence, and later charged with a Parole Viola­tion. The female victim was reluctant to cooperate with Deputies and did not want to press charges however charges will be filed by Of­ficers who responded due to the evidence of the physical assault.

Shortly after 2pm on Fri­day, a travelling motorist reported a large grass fire to the east of Hwy 79 south of Murphy Hill. Archer, Scot­land, Windthorst, Bowman, and Lakeside City VFD’s re­sponded to battle the blaze. Efforts were hampered by strong east winds and dry vegetation. Hwy 79 was shut down for an extended period due to dense smoke blowing across the highway. The cause of the blaze was unknown but a Lightening strike was suspected.

Around 3pm on Friday af­ternoon, a witness reported that at least 3 male subjects were fighting at a Holliday business and that one was on the ground and 2 were on top of him beating him. Hol­liday Police and Deputies re­sponded and found the vic­tim walking on Olive near the US 82 Overpass. The man was severely beaten and was bleeding profusely. The victim was detained until in­formation could be gathered as to what had occurred. The suspects had left the area and all involved were employed at the business. The man was transported via ambulance to a hospital for treatment. Holliday Police are follow­ing up on the Assault.

Shortly after 2pm Saturday afternoon, a woman living on Huff Rd reported that her 16 year old son was trying to leave the residence. She advised that he was ground­ed and was trying to leave anyway. A Deputy respond­ed and spoke to the boy and his parents. The boy told the Deputy he wanted to go live with someone else. He was told that he was under his parents control and respon­sibility until he reached the age of emancipation and that he would have to stay until then. There was no further incident.

Just before 1:30am early Sunday morning, Wichita Falls Police requested as­sistance in location a male subject who was suspected of being suicidal. The loca­tion given was near the area of Hwy 79 and Kemp St in a barn. Deputies responded and located the man in the barn. It was reported that the man had a knife and may have access to firearms. The man, who was intoxicated, told Deputies that he was not going to harm himself and no direct threats to cause harm to himself were report­ed. After speaking with the man for a while he was not detained and no criminal of­fense had occurred. Due to no other evidence of a sui­cide threat Deputies had no choice but to leave.

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