The Sheriff’s Office received 120 Calls for Service during the past 7-day period ending Sunday, May 12, 2019. On the day of this report there were 26 individuals incarcerated in the Archer County Jail consisting of 22 men and 4 women.

On Monday, Deputies received information that a subject wearing a yellow vest was going door to door in Lakeside City. The caller was suspicious of the man’s activity. Deputies responded and located the man who had credentials indicating that he worked for Spectrum Cable and he also was in possession of a permit that he had obtained from the City of Lakeside City. Many times, there are sales people in Archer County neighborhoods attempting to sell products or services that do not have permits or their actions are suspicious. Do not allow anyone inside your home unless they show you credentials and a permit to be selling in your area. It’s better to speak with these people outside your residence if you are interested in their product. Always contact the Sheriff’s Office if you have any questions or are suspicious of their activity.

Shortly after 9am Tuesday morning, a man living on FM 2650 (Sisk Rd) reported that he found a dog inside a crate on his property as he went outside his home. He advised that he would contact the Humane Society in Wichita Falls and also post the dog on Facebook. It is doubtful that anyone will claim the dog since it was left in a crate on the property. Please contact the Sheriff’s Office if you have information concerning this abandoned animal.

Just before 7pm Tuesday evening, a Holliday woman reported that her 11-year-old son was out of control and requested an Officer to her home. Holliday Police and a Deputy responded and had a talk with the boy. The Officers were able to calm the boy down and there was no further incident.

Just before 11pm Tuesday night, Archer City Police stopped a vehicle on a traffic violation on Center St. in Archer City. The pickup was pulling a trailer that did not display a registration. The trailer was checked and had no visible VIN or license plate. The driver of the truck was evasive and could not give any information about the trailer. The trailer was seized until a property hearing could be held to determine ownership. The driver was placed under arrest for Possession of a Controlled Substance as well and transported to the Archer County Jail.

Around 3:30pm Wednesday afternoon, Officers responded to an Archer City apartment complex to check out a Health and Safety Code Violation. Persons unknown reported the smell of Marijuana coming from an apartment. The occupant was not home and has not been in the apartment in over a month. Contact was made with the apartment manager and a report written.

Just before 8am Thursday morning, a woman reported that she ran over a dog on FM 1954 near FM 2224. She said she continued to Holliday to drop off her children at school but wanted to report the accident due to having damage to her vehicle. DPS will not work an accident if the vehicles involved leave the scene of the accident. She was advised to fill out a “Blue Form” that is located on the Texas Department of Public Safety Website and submit for insurance purposes.

Shortly after 5pm Thursday afternoon, a Deputy patrolling on Hwy 2224 near Dad’s Corner Rd stopped a vehicle on a traffic violation. The driver was found to be operating the vehicle with an invalid driver’s license. The vehicle owner was also a passenger in the vehicle. A suspected illegal substance was also found in the vehicle. The driver was placed under arrest for Driving While License Invalid. The suspected illegal substance will be sent to a lab for testing and the driver could be charged with a drug offense at a later date. He was transported to the Archer County Jail. The vehicle was released to the passenger who was not detained.

Just before noon on Friday, a Lakeside City resident reported that a kitten was high up in a tree and was crying. She requested a Deputy for assistance. A Deputy responded and observed the kitty. He determined that the animal would come down on its own when it was ready. The Fire Department was not called to retrieve the animal.

Around 3:30pm Friday afternoon, a female reported that her mother and stepfather were fighting at their Windthorst residence and the stepfather was threatening to commit suicide. The caller said she and her mother had left the property and were parked in a Windthorst business parking lot. Deputies and a Constable responded to speak with the caller and her mother. They then went to the residence to speak with the stepfather. After speaking with all involved Officers determined that the argument started because the man accused his wife of not helping around the house. A worker on the property told Officers that he didn’t hear or see anything. No physical evidence of an assault was present and all were advised to work out their problems in a adult manner. No further incident.

Around 10:30pm Friday night, a man reported that he had received a call from another person advising that an underage drinking party was occurring in a barn just outside of Holliday. He advised that the property owner was out of town and was not aware of the kids in his barn. Deputies and Holliday Police responded and found several teens at the location. Most were cited for Minor in Consumption and 1 was cited for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and released to their parents. Those who had not consumed were released without citation.

Around 2pm on Saturday, an Archer City property owner reported that there was damage to her rental property and that her renters were responsible. Archer City Police responded and spoke with the caller. She was advised the issue is civil in nature and was given information on the eviction process.

Around 2:30am Sunday morning, a woman living in a rural area off US 281 reported that someone was burglarizing her home. She reported that the intruders sprayed her in the face with an unknown substance and then sprayed her windows. She said they had gone into the attic of her home. Deputies responded and searched the home and no one was located and no signs of any break in were found as well. After talking with the woman it was determined that the woman may be suffering from a medical or mental condition. Family members were contacted to check her welfare and seek medical or mental assistance.

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