Archer County Sheriff’s   Weekly  Report

Sheriff Staci Beesinger

The Sheriff’s Office received 120 Calls for Service during the past 7-day period ending Sunday, October 27, 2019. On the day of this report there were 22 individuals incarcerated in the Archer County Jail consisting of 18 men and 4 women.

Around 10:30am Monday morning, an oil field pumper reported a suspicious vehicle parked at a dead end road off of FM 1954. He advised that no one was around the vehicle and it had been parked there the day before. Deputies responded and found the vehicle with a broken rear window and a punched ignition. The State computer was down so a stolen and registration check could not be performed. After some point it was learned the vehicle was owned by a company out of Pasadena, Texas but assigned to a Wichita Falls location. A representative with Wichita Falls was contacted and was not aware the vehicle was missing. After checking, the vehicle was determined stolen. The vehicle was recovered and released to the company representative who showed up at the scene. There were no suspects in the theft and the case is still under investigation.

Around 2pm Monday afternoon, an elderly woman who attends an Archer County Church reported that a man in the church kissed her on both cheeks approximately a month ago and she has been tormented by the act ever since. She requested he be arrested for Assault. After speaking with the woman about the incident it was decided that the act was not criminal in nature. It was also learned that there was some underlying reason between the woman and the man that prompted the woman to now report the incident. The woman was advised that she could speak with a local Justice of the Peace to file a civil action against the man but that no criminal charges would be filed. She was not happy with the decision.

Shortly after 3am early Tuesday morning, a Deputy on patrol on FM 368 near Dad’s Corner Rd observed a vehicle in the ditch that appeared wrecked. The Deputy checked the vehicle and found fence damage near the scene. The registered owner was contacted and advised that the accident occurred a couple of hours ago and someone gave her a ride home. She did not report the accident which usually means the driver does not want law enforcement on scene. DPS was called to work an accident due to property damage. The female driver never came back to the scene.

Around 11am Tuesday morning, a Lakeside City woman reported that someone had been using her Valero gas card and making purchases. The company was contacted and the woman was advised to report the crime to law enforcement to relieve her of any liability. A few days later the woman called back and reported that she had received a $2800 check in the mail. Criminals will send you a check and ask you to cash it and then send most of the money back to them. They tell you that you may keep some of the money for your trouble. These checks are worthless and your bank will take the money from your account to cover the full amount. This check was most likely sent from whoever compromised her credit card. Information can be stolen from illegal card readers placed inside gas pumps where credit card numbers and personal information is stolen. Use caution when pumping gas and check the pump for any evidence of tampering before swiping your card.

Just before 2pm on Wednesday afternoon, a woman who was under investigation of Animal Cruelty showed up at a hearing on the matter with a young child. During the investigation it was learned that she had a warrant out of Young County for Animal Cruelty as well. The hearing was held and the animals involved were taken by the court from her custody. The two horses and 4 goats have been held at an Archer County resident’s property until it could be determined whether the woman would be allowed to keep them or not. The woman was taken into custody for the Young County charge and a warrant for the Archer County case was also filed. She was transported to the Archer County Jail and the child was released to a family member who came from Graham. She was released 2 days later after posting bonds totaling $5500.

Just before 3pm Thursday afternoon, an Archer City ISD employee reported that there was a coyote wearing a tracking device in the back of a pickup on school property eating trash out of the truck. Archer City Police responded as well as a Game Warden to verify that the animal was a coyote. Upon arrival it was determined that the animal was indeed a coyote but the collar was not a tracking device. The animal was domesticated and the owner who lives in Megargel was eventually located. It was not known how the animal ended up on school property in Archer City but he has now been reunited with his owner.

Just before 11pm Thursday night, a travelling motorist on US 281 reported that she observed a vehicle in the ditch and a person attempting to wave down traffic. She stopped to check the welfare of the driver and advised that it was a male subject who had slid off the roadway and smelled strongly of alcohol. The man asked her not to call the cops and she told him that she would go attempt to find a chain to pull him out and left. Deputies and medical personnel were dispatched to the scene but no one was around the vehicle when they arrived. A search of the area was conducted but no one was located. DPS worked the accident and towed the vehicle. Around 3am, a Deputy patrolling on US 281 north of Scotland near Shoshoni Park observed a male walking. He stopped to check the man and determined he was the driver of the wrecked vehicle from earlier in the evening. He was placed under arrest and transported to the Archer County Jail. DPS was advised that the man had been located.

Around 9:30pm Friday night, a resident on FM 2224 near Hwy 79 reported that a man came walking up to his home and asked for help. The man was bleeding and had a large knot on his head. The injured man said he thinks someone threw a rock through the rear glass of his pickup and hit him. Deputies and medical personnel responded and determined that the man had actually been shot and hit in the upper back shoulder. The man had been sitting in his truck on the side of the highway for several hours when the incident happened. He was transported to a Wichita Falls Hospital with non life threatening injuries. Deputies are investigating this shooting and anyone with any information about this incident is asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office immediately.

Shortly after midnight early Saturday morning, an Archer City man called 911 and reported some type of disturbance at his home. The dispatcher could not understand the man and could hear a dog and arguing in the background. Officers responded and the man complained of a party at a neighbor’s home. Officers spoke with neighbors who were having a party outside. They agreed to take the party indoors for the rest of the night. Around 6pm later in the day, the same man reported that he was at a local Archer City convenience store when he was confronted by a man and woman. He said they were trying to start a disturbance with him and that he was on parole and couldn’t get into any trouble. Officers arrived and spoke with all parties. All left the store and there was no further incident.

Around 1:30pm Sunday afternoon, a woman living on Hwy 79 reported that her controlled burn has gotten out of control. The fire spread quickly to the east and burned several acres threatening some structures. Several Archer County Fire Departments and one from Arrowhead battled the fire. The Forestry Service was also called in. After several hours of battling the blaze it was deemed under control. This is reminder to always call in your controlled burns and to be informed when Archer County is in a Burn Ban. Archer County is not in a Burn Ban at the time of this report.

Around 9pm Sunday night, a woman partaking in a Halloween function at a Holliday area park reported that a white duck came up to her vehicle and was wandering around the property. She was concerned the duck would be hit by a car due to the amount of vehicle traffic. Officers responded and advised they were unable to locate the duck. It was assumed the duck went south for the winter.

Around 10pm Sunday night, a man reported that he was broke down on US 281 and needed a wrecker. He said he had called 911 but the dispatcher told him that due to State Law there is no one working on Sundays. After speaking with the man it was learned he was near Wichita, Kansas and not in our area. It was assumed the man got information of Wichita Falls rather than Wichita, Kansas. Our Dispatcher accessed Google and found a wrecker for the man in his area. “All’s well that ends well.”

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