Archer County Sheriff’s   Weekly  Report

Sheriff Staci Beesinger

The Sheriff’s Office received 134 Calls for Service during the past 7-day period ending Sunday, November 17, 2019. On the day of this report there were 26 individuals incarcerated in the Archer County Jail consisting of 22 men and 4 women.

Around 9:30am Monday morning, a Deputy working in Megargel stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation. The vehicle was occupied by 3 individuals, a female driver and a male and female occupant. The Deputy smelled the odor of Marijuana coming from the vehicle and requested a drug dog from Young County. The dog alerted on the vehicle and a search was conducted. Suspected Methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia containing Marijuana residue was located in the vehicle. All 3 subjects were detained and a wrecker was requested to tow the vehicle. The vehicle owner came to the scene in another vehicle and became belligerent. He was eventually arrested for Interference with Public Duties and all 4 were transported to the Archer County Jail. Both vehicles were towed from the scene.

Shortly after midnight early Tuesday morning, a Deputy patrolling on US 82 near hwy 25 observed a vehicle with no rear license plate light travelling west. The Deputy checked the registration on the vehicle and the license plate did not match the vehicle. The driver was stopped and the Deputy conducted a search after smelling Marijuana. The female driver was placed under arrest after Marijuana was found in the vehicle. She was transported to the Archer County Jail and her vehicle was towed from the scene. Here’s a tip…..If you’re going to possess and consume illegal substances while driving, make sure your vehicle is correctly equipped and operational

Shortly after 10:30am Tuesday morning, a Jailer transported an Archer County inmate to a mental health appointment at a Wichita Falls facility. Upon arrival, the Jailer went to remove the inmate from the back seat of the vehicle when the inmate kicked the door open knocking the jailer backwards pinning him between the vehicle door and another vehicle. The inmate then jumped from the vehicle and ran away. Wichita Falls Police and Wichita County Deputies were notified to respond to the area to search for the escaped man. The man was located in some brush approximately 1.5 hours after running off. He was taken to the Wichita County Jail to be housed as an escape risk and a new charge of Escape, a 3rd degree felony, was filed by Archer County. He will remain in the Wichita County Jail until he is called to court in Archer County on all his pending charges.

Just before10am Wednesday morning, an Archer County resident turned in a cell phone that he found on River Rd. The cell phone is an LG Smart Phone and can be claimed at the Sheriff’s Office.

Shortly after 7pm Wednesday evening, a DPS Trooper reported a 3-vehicle accident on Hwy 79 at FM 1954. Deputies responded to assist as well as medical personnel. A fourth vehicle became involved after striking the accident scene before enough emergency responders could arrive. One of the vehicles involved reeked of Marijuana and was searched. The driver and occupants of that vehicle admitted to smoking Marijuana previous to the accident. One person was transported to a Wichita Falls Hospital and later to a Ft. Worth Hospital for treatment. DPS is investigating the accident.

Around 8:30am Thursday morning, Deputies assisted State and Federal Officers in executing a search warrant for a woman staying at a Christian based group home on Carter Rd. The woman was wanted by the Feds for drug offenses on the federal level. The naked woman was located hiding in a closet in the bathroom of the home. She was taken into custody without incident and taken to Wichita Falls to go before a Federal Magistrate. She will be housed in the Wichita County Jail.

Around 7pm Thursday evening, a resident on Murphy Rd reported that when his wife came home from work, she noticed all her residence doors open as well as her garage doors. After entering her home she observed her TVs unplugged but still in place. A Deputy responded and no forced entry could be found. The only reported missing item was some medicinal capsules. A report for Burglary of a Habitation was initiated and an investigator will follow up on the case.

Around 10am Friday morning, a woman reported that she had taken a deer to a Windthorst business to be processed. She advised she went to the business to claim her deer head and they advised her it wasn’t there. A Deputy spoke with the woman and advised her that an investigator would follow up on the complaint. A short time later, a representative with the business contacted the Sheriff’s Office and reported the theft of more than one deer head from the business. A Deputy responded and requested video from the store’s video system. It is not clear at the time of this report if a criminal offense has occurred and the case is under investigation.

Just before 3pm Friday afternoon, an off-duty Deputy in Holliday observed a male subject known to the Deputy to be wanted on Archer County charges. He called for an on duty Officer to assist him in taking the subject into custody. Another Deputy arrived and the man was placed under arrest for Possession of a Controlled Substance, PG1, greater than 1 gram. When checked, the man also had 5 warrants issued for his arrest out of Wichita County including drug charges and probation violations. He was transported to the Archer County Jail where he remains in custody with bonds totaling $21,702.

Shortly after 1pm on Saturday afternoon, Wichita Falls Police notified Archer County that they received a call from a woman who said her husband was having complications relating to low blood sugar. The woman said her husband called her but did not know his location. Wichita Falls pinged his cell phone and it showed a location near Lake Kickapoo. Deputies, Game Wardens, and DPS Troopers began searching for the man. All areas of Lake Kickapoo were searched but the man could not be located. Archer County Dispatcher was able to contact the man on his cell phone and instruct him to call 911 so his location could be determined but the man could not understand her directions. FM 368, Hwy 25, and Hwy 82 were checked in Archer County with no luck. The man was finally located on US 82 in Maybelle east of Seymour in Baylor County. He had left SAFB and became disoriented. Medical personnel arrived and attended to the man. All ended well in this case.

Around 2pm Saturday, a Windthorst woman reported that her grandson was at her residence trying to pick up his kids. She said the man was intoxicated causing a disturbance and that he had broken her phone. Archer City Police assisted on this call due to all other Officers busy looking for the man in the incident above. Police arrived at the residence and spoke with the caller who said the man had left walking and that his girlfriend had picked him up. It was assumed he was headed back to Wichita Falls and couldn’t be located. No further incident occurred with this complaint.

Shortly after 6pm on Sunday evening, a Deputy patrolling on FM 1954 near the MUD water station observed a small child driving a pink battery operated Jeep in the barrow ditch. The Deputy stopped to check the child who said she was 4 years old and her name was Lyla. A short time later, a vehicle stopped and the occupants recognized the child and told the Deputy where she lived. The Deputy returned the girl to her residence and the parents were notified of where she was found.

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