Archer County Sheriff’s   Weekly  Report

Sheriff Staci Beesinger

The Sheriff’s Office received 128 Calls for Service during the past 7 day period ending Sunday, November 10, 2019. On the day of this report there were 28 individuals incarcerated in the Archer County Jail consisting of 24 men and 4 women.

Around 1:30am early Monday morning, a Deputy patrolling on FM 1954 near FM 2650 (Sisk Rd) noticed a man sitting on the ground near a vehicle flashing a light from a cell phone at his approaching vehicle. When the man realized it was a Sheriff’s patrol car he got up and started running away on foot. The man ran east and into some yards of houses on Sisk Rd. The Deputy chased the man but lost sight of him. A short time later, the Deputy heard a vehicle start up and take off from one of the houses. The Deputy pursued the driver and attempted to stop the vehicle. Speeds reaching over 100mph were logged and the driver turned north on Hwy 79 with the Deputy in pursuit. Wichita County Deputies were notified to assist and spike strips were set up at hwy 79 and Rathgeber Rd. The driver missed the strips and continued on Hwy 79 past Jacksboro Hwy. The vehicle came to a stop and the driver exited and ran away. He was captured by Wichita County Deputies in a field. The driver had stolen the vehicle at a house on Sisk Rd and from a person he knows. A firearm was located inside the vehicle. He was arrested and transported to the Archer County Jail charged with Evading Arrest with Vehicle, Theft of Property over $30,000, and a warrant for Assault Family Violence out of Wichita County. He remains in custody at the time of this report.

Shortly after 7:30am Monday morning, a man living on FM 1954 reported that his home and vehicle had been burglarized sometime between 2am and 7am. He advised that money in a money clip, his checkbook, a flashlight, and a handgun had been taken in the burglary. Due to the location of the burglary the suspect from the previous incident was suspected. A check of his belongings when booked into the jail were checked and found to belong to the reporting person. Additional charges added to the suspect were Burglary and Theft of a firearm. His bonds total $126,000.

Shortly after 1am early Tuesday morning, a man walked into the Sheriff’s Office and reported that he and his girlfriend had gotten into a scuffle because she broke his cell phone. The man had a scratch on his face but refused medical treatment. The man was asked the location of the incident and if the girlfriend needed medical treatment. He advised that she may have a bump and/or a bruise but that he did not swing on her. Deputies arrived and spoke with the man and then went to the residence to check on the woman. After several attempts to get someone to the door the woman finally let the Officers inside. She did not need any medical treatment. The woman was wanted out of Oklahoma for Domestic Abuse and Battery however Oklahoma officials would not extradite for that charge. Information was gathered for Archer City Police to follow up on later in the day. The man left the Sheriff’s Office walking to a friend’s house for the rest of the night. Later in the day, A Deputy and Archer City Police went to the residence to allow the man to retrieve some property. Both subjects were issued simple assault citations and released without further incident.

Around 8pm Tuesday night, a call came into the Sheriff’s Office from a man who claimed that someone was breaking into his house through a broken window. He advised that they were not inside the residence yet and he was hiding behind his couch. He also advised that he thinks they have a Glock or some type of similar type handgun. The Dispatcher kept the caller on the line while Deputies were responding and then the caller said “OMG HE’S COMING HELP!” Deputies arrived a short time later and spoke with residents at the stated location. They advised that they did not place the call and had no idea what was going on. The name and number given on the call was the name and number of the resident’s adult grandson who lives in Austin. It was determined that the call was probably a prank and is referred to as “swatting” where a person calls in a major or violent crime usually requiring several Officers or a swat team to respond. A recording of the call was played for the residents and they advised the voice was not their grandson. This activity is serious in nature and anyone found to commit this offense will be arrested immediately. No one was injured in this incident.

Shortly after 7am Wednesday morning, Clay County advised that they received a call about a 1 vehicle rollover on US 281 near Fuller Rd in Archer County. The original caller advised the vehicle was on fire and a man was trapped inside. Scotland and Windthorst 1st Responders along with Deputies and DPS responded to the scene. The fire was put out and the man was removed from the vehicle. He was transported to a Wichita Falls Hospital for treatment of his injuries. The vehicle was totaled and towed from the scene.

Shortly after 1pm Wednesday afternoon, a Deputy attempting to get fuel at a Windthorst business observed another vehicle arrive to purchase fuel as well. The automated card reader system at the fuel pump was not working and the Deputy went over to advise the other driver about the problem. As the Deputy approached the vehicle a strong odor of Marijuana was coming from the vehicle. A probable cause search was done and a gallon baggie almost half full was located. The 22 year old passenger claimed responsibility and was arrested for Possession of Marijuana over 2oz under 4 oz. A child was in the vehicle and the male driver claimed he had no knowledge of the illegal weed in his vehicle. The man was released the following day after posting a $3000 bond.

Just before 6am Thursday morning, a Megargel resident reported a suspicious male that came out from behind her shed when she was going out to her vehicle. The caller advised the man told her that he had just arrived in town the day before and had just been released from prison. The man advised he had cut his hand on a can while trying to open it with a knife. He then took off and walked to a residence in the area. A Deputy responded and found the man at a Megargel residence. The man refused medical assistance and was left alone after he was checked for warrants and found to be clear. About 2 hours later the dispatcher ran a check on the man again with a different spelling of his name and found that he was wanted out of Nolan County for Possession of a Controlled Substance, felony. Deputies went back to the residence and made contact with another male subject living at the house. That man said the man was not there however Deputies found the man they were looking for hiding inside the residence. He was placed under arrest and transported to an Olney Hospital for treatment to his hand. While at the Hospital a baggie of suspected Methamphetamine was found on the man. He was treated for the wound and then transported to the Archer County Jail and booked on the Nolan County charge as well as the new charge of Possession. The man who lied to Deputies was also arrested for Hindering Apprehension and transported to the Archer County Jail. He is also charged with a Parole Violation. Both men remain in custody at the time of this report.

Shortly before 8:30am Friday morning, a woman reported that she hit a hog on FM 1954 near 3 Way Rd. She said she continued to the Holliday School to drop off her kids and then decided to report the accident to law enforcement because her car needed to be towed. DPS was notified however they usually won’t work an accident once a vehicle leaves the scene of the accident. A Blue Form can be obtained from the DPS website to report the accident if one is needed for insurance purposes.

Just before 4pm on Friday, a Megargel woman came to the Sheriff’s Office to report a theft. She advised that the man involved in the incident above was staying at her home when he was arrested. She also said that an Air Soft gun and a pellet gun that belongs to her kids was missing from their room and that she found them in the man’s bag that was left at her house. The woman was advised that no theft had occurred since the items were still in her home and had not been removed. No further action was taken.

On Saturday at noon, a man called 911 and reported that a hunter had been run over by an All Terrain Vehicle and needed help quickly. The location was a deer lease off Hwy 16 3 miles south of US 281. Windthorst 1st Responders, an ambulance, and a Deputy responded. Air Evac was dispatched and landed at the accident site. The injured man was air lifted to a Wichita Falls Hospital with unknown injuries.

Shortly after 7pm Saturday evening, 2 State Park Officers notified Archer County that they had arrested a man for Driving While Intoxicated with a BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) over .15. Evidently, the 2 Officers left the Arrowhead State Park and didn’t get the man stopped until entering Archer County on FM 1954. He was transported and booked into the Archer County Jail where he remains in custody with a $5000 bond.

Just before midnight Saturday night, a man reported shots being fired from a vehicle on Luig Rd in the Scotland area. The caller said he spoke with the young men who said they were hunting coyotes from their vehicle. They then left the area heading north on US 281. A Game Warden was notified and stopped the vehicle on US 281 just outside Scotland. A Deputy assisted and made contact with others that had been dropped off at another location. The Game Warden is following up on the incident. Hunting/Discharging a Firearm from a roadway is a violation of State law regardless of what animal you’re hunting.

Shortly after 3:30pm Sunday afternoon, Archer City Police was notified of an assault at an Archer City residence involving a young child and his father. Archer City Police and a Deputy responded and made contact with the child’s mother. The father had barricaded himself inside a bedroom of the house and would not come out. The child was checked and displayed evidence of numerous physical injuries. Entry was gained to the man’s bedroom and the man was eventually tazed for non-compliance. He was later transported to a Wichita Falls Hospital for treatment. The child was taken to an Olney Hospital for evaluation of his injuries. The man was charged with Aggravated Assault Family Member, Injury to a Child, and Interference with Public Duties. He was later transported to the Archer County Jail where he remains in custody with bonds totaling $190,000.

Around 8pm Sunday evening, a Lakeside City man reported that his grandson was causing a disturbance in his home and he requested Deputies. Officers responded and spoke with all in the home including the caller and his grandson. The disturbance was verbal and no physical altercation had occurred. Once everyone had calmed down, Deputies left with assurances from the family that all was settled. About an hour later, a woman in the home who is the mother of the young man from earlier called screaming that her son was beating her father. Deputies responded and found the 77 year old grandfather with a cut on his head and hand. He told Deputies that his grandson had hit him in the head with a ceramic flower pot. The grandson was placed under arrest for Assault to Elderly or Disabled, a 3rd degree felony. He remains in custody with a $75,000 bond.

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