Archer County Sheriff’s   Weekly  Report

Sheriff Staci Beesinger

The Sheriff’s Office received 148 Calls for Service during the past 7-day period ending Sunday, July 7, 2019. On the day of this report there were 21 individuals incarcerated in the Archer County Jail consisting of 15 men and 6 women.

Shortly after 3:30pm Monday afternoon, a man living in a rural area off Hwy 79 near TBone Rd called to request a Deputy stand by while he repairs his neighbor’s fence. The Deputy inquired why he was fixing the fence and the man said that his neighbor’s dog keeps getting onto his property and he is tired of people knocking on his doors at all hours of the day and night about it. The Deputy advised that he should speak with his neighbor about the fence issue and not just go out there and make repairs to it since it was not his fence. The man did not want to go that route. The Deputy spoke with another man living with the caller and he advised he thought he could handle the issue with the caller who was being unreasonable.

Shortly after 11:30pm Monday night, several Scotland residents reported that power was out in Scotland and for several miles north. The flashing traffic light in Scotland was also disabled due to no power. JAC Electric was notified and responded where they found their substation completely down. Deputies monitored the traffic light until power was restored just before 1am for all customers.

Around 2pm Tuesday afternoon, a 24-year-old man turned himself in at the Sheriff’s Office on a warrant issued after a fatality accident occurred in Archer County in January, 2019. The man was the driver of a vehicle that crashed killing a 23 year old passenger. He was booked into the Jail and then released after posting a $5000 PR bond.

Around 11:30pm Tuesday night, an Archer City man reported that when he drove past the Royal Theater in Archer City that someone threw rocks from high above onto his vehicle. While reporting the incident, an employee of the Sheriff’s Office heard about the complaint and called to report that the same thing happened to her about an hour earlier. Deputies searched the area but did not locate anyone out and about. This is a serious act of criminal mischief that can cause serious injury or death to motorists and pedestrians. Anyone caught involved in an incident such as this will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!

Around 2:30pm Wednesday afternoon, a woman living off FM 1954 reported that a young man that she is fostering had assaulted another boy the day before and is now being belligerent and disrespectful to her. She requested that a Deputy take him to the State Hospital. A Deputy, along with a caseworker from CPS, responded and spoke with the woman and the boy. The boy’s demeanor did not meet the criteria to be admitted to the mental facility. The caseworker was trying to make other arrangements for the young man due to the current situation not working out.

Shortly after 6pm Wednesday evening, a man reported that he had received text messages from an Archer City woman who was threatening to harm herself. She told him that she had attempted suicide 3 or 4 months ago but was unsuccessful. She also stated that she would be successful this time. The caller only knew her name but had no address. After some investigation, Archer City Police located the woman at an Archer City address and spoke with her. She indicated that she was just looking for some attention and that she would not harm herself. She has family members that agreed to provide assistance for her.

Around 9:30am Thursday morning, several calls were received from residents on FM 1954 stating that a suspicious man was walking in their yards yelling at them. Deputies responded and made contact with the 57 year old man who was clearly in need of a mental evaluation. The man did not meet the criteria for admission into the State Hospital but it was learned that he had previously received mental health services in Wichita Falls. The man was transported back to Wichita Falls and dropped off at Walmart where he requested to go. There was no further incident.

Around 1:30pm Thursday, medical personnel were called to the Archer County Jail after a female inmate stated she was allergic to fruit and had eaten a bowl of Apple Jacks cereal. Being skeptical that Apple Jacks actually contained real fruit the cereal box was checked for actual ingredients. The cereal does in fact contain bits of apple for flavoring. The woman was treated with a Benedryl tablet and no further medical assistance was needed.

Shortly after 4pm on Thursday afternoon, a man called 911 and advised that he had a flat tire and was stranded on US 281 south of Windthorst. The 27 year old man advised he needed help changing the tire due to not knowing how to do it. A Deputy responded and taught the man how to change the tire. He was back on the road with new knowledge.

Archer County Deputies and Fire Departments responded to 7 calls for fireworks related incidents on the evening of the 4th. No major damage or injuries were reported due to the holiday celebration.

Around 12:30am early Friday morning, a Deputy patrolling around Megargel stopped a vehicle on a traffic stop and checked the male driver and his female passenger. The driver was found to be wanted on a drug charge out of Baylor County and was in possession of a false drug testing device. The female was in possession of Marijuana and possessed a handgun. Both were arrested and transported to the Archer County Jail where they were released the following day after posting bonds OF $8000 each.

Around 7am Friday morning, the owner of a trailer business on US 281 reported that someone broke into the location and stole 7 brand new trailers. He advised the suspects also broke into the business office and into a container on the property. A 9MM handgun was taken from the office and the paperwork and titles for the trailers were also missing. There was no visible forced entry into the gate or office area but the owner said everything was locked indicating a key was used to enter the gate area and office. An unlocked padlock was found near the container. One of the trailers was recovered in Wichita Falls on the day of this report but the suspect got away. The trailers and handgun have been entered stolen into the State and National Crime Information Database. The investigation continues.

Around 10pm Friday night, a Deputy patrolling on US 281 north of FM 1954 noticed an open gate to a business in the area. The Deputy entered the property and determined that the building had been burglarized. A representative of the business was contacted and met Deputies at the scene. A check of the office area revealed that the door on a gun safe had been had been removed with a cutting torch. A Mack Truck and 40 ft. float trailer were missing from the property as well. Nothing of value was inside the safe prior to being compromised. The truck and trailer have been entered into the State and National Crime Information Database as stolen. Anyone with information about this crime or the theft of the trailers from above is asked to contact the Archer County Sheriff’s Office or call Crime Stoppers at 940-322-9888. You may be eligible for a cash reward.

Around 5am Saturday morning, a woman reported that her boyfriend’s ex-wife broke into his Holliday home and then assaulted her. She advised the woman was still on scene. Deputies and Holliday Police responded. The boyfriend got on the phone and advised that he had taken a hammer away from his ex-wife and that he was bleeding. He advised that she had broken into his house with the hammer and assaulted him as well. Once Officers were on scene all parties involved were interviewed. No one was arrested at the scene and Holliday Police are investigating.

Around 5pm Saturday afternoon, Archer City Police responded to an Archer City residence after receiving information that a 12-year boy was living alone. The Officer made contact with the boy who said he was 13 years old and that his mother was living with a girlfriend but that she calls and checks on him. Child Protective Services was contacted and both they and Archer City Police are investigating.

Around 1pm on Sunday, an Olney Police Officer notified an Archer County Deputy that they had a report of a missing woman and asked the Deputy to check the area of Lake Cooper for a white SUV belonging to the woman. The Deputy drove out to Lake Cooper and located a vehicle matching the description of the missing woman’s vehicle off the roadway near the Dam. The Deputy went to check on the vehicle and a woman’s deceased body was found nearby. Young County Officials were notified as well as the Texas Rangers who will be conducting an investigation into the woman’s death.

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