Archer County Sheriff’s   Weekly  Report

Sheriff Staci Beesinger

The Sheriff’s Office received 127 Calls for Service during the past 7 day period ending Sunday, June 2, 2019. On the day of this report there were 31 individuals incarcerated in the Archer County Jail consisting of 25 men and 6 women. During the month of May, 2019, 33 individuals were arrested and booked into the Archer County Jail consisting of 24 men and 9 women.

Around 2:30pm Monday afternoon, a Holliday resident reported that her mother and grandmother were fighting in their Holliday home. Holliday Police, a Trooper, and a Deputy responded and spoke with the caller and the grandmother. The mother had left the property but was located stuck in a ditch on a nearby County road. Her vehicle did not have reverse so she had to be pushed out of the ditch. She returned to the residence, gathered her belongings, and agreed to move out of the residence. There was no evidence of physical contact.

Shortly after 11:30pm Monday night, a woman reported that she had just struck a horse with her vehicle on FM 1954 just west of Hwy 79. She advised that the accident had broken the horse’s legs. Deputies, DPS, and Bowman 1st Responders went to the scene. The woman was not injured in the accident but the horse had to be put down. The owner of the animal was notified.

Shortly after midnight Tuesday morning, a female subject living in Holliday reported that her father had pushed her down, dragged her by the hair, and twisted her arm. Deputies and Holliday Police responded but the male subject had left the scene. Grandparents of the caller advised they were going to take the female to a mental health facility for assessment. Holliday Police are following up on the case.

Just before 1pm Tuesday afternoon, a woman reported that she had struck a bicyclist on US 281 near the Wichita County line. Several Archer County units responded to the scene. The male subject riding the bicycle claimed that he wasn’t injured. He refused medical treatment at the scene and advised that he would go get checked out after getting a ride home. DPS worked the accident.

Around 6:30pm Tuesday evening, a clerk at the Hwy 79 Stop convenience store at Lakeside City reported that a silver vehicle was sitting at the gas pumps occupied by 4 male subjects. She advised the men were arguing and had been sitting there for a while. Deputies responded and made contact with the men. They were checked and one of them was found to be wanted out of Clay County for Possession of a Prohibited Weapon, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm by Felon, and 2 counts of Terroristic Threat. He was also wanted out of Wichita County for 2 drug charges. He was placed under arrest for the outstanding warrants. A female subject who appeared on scene and who was associated with the men was also arrested for a drug charge when drugs were found in her vehicle. They were both transported to the Archer County Jail and booked on the aforementioned charges. The woman was released the following day after posting a $7500 bond. The male remains in custody waiting for transport by either Clay or Wichita authorities.

On Wednesday morning around 9:45am, 2 separate accidents were reported in Archer County. The first was a jack-knifed semi truck and trailer on US 82/277 near Ferguson Rd. The driver was not injured in this accident but traffic had to be shut down for a short period while the semi was pulled out onto the highway. The second accident occurred on FM 1954 just east of US 281 where a vehicle drove off the roadway and out into a field. That driver was not injured as well. An owner was contacted to secure the fence due to several head of cattle on the property. Both accidents were chalked up as weather related.

Shortly after 9:30pm Wednesday evening, an Archer City man was arrested for Interference of Public Duties and Resisting Arrest after Archer City Police conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle the man was a passenger in. Evidently, the man was not happy that the vehicle had been stopped. He was transported to the Archer County Jail where he was released the following day after being granted 2 PR bonds.

Around 12:30am Thursday morning, a Windthorst woman reported that her live in boyfriend had come home intoxicated and kicked in the back door of the residence. She said she and her 3 kids were locked in a bedroom. She requested that Deputies respond and make the man leave. Deputies did respond and spoke with all parties involved. No physical altercation had occurred and the man was allowed to remain in the home when both parties agreed to remain in separate areas of the home for the night.

Around 1:45am Thursday morning, a Holliday area business owner reported that an employee was parked in his driveway intoxicated. He said the man came to his door and wanted to come in which he was refused. He said the employee then tried to assault him. Deputies responded but the vehicle was gone before they arrived. They searched the area and located the vehicle but the female driver said she had dropped the man off somewhere in the area. The area was checked but the man was not located. The business owner indicated he would deal with the man at a later date.

Shortly after 5:30pm Thursday afternoon, an inmate in the Archer County Jail reported to a Jailer that another inmate had cut himself with a razor blade from a disposable razor. Inmates are allowed to have a disposable razor twice a week for grooming. The inmate had broken the razor and used the blade to cut himself on the forearm. He was taken to an Olney Hospital where the cut required a couple of stitches. He was then placed in a single cell and put on suicide watch for the remainder of the night. He later bonded out of jail.

Shortly after 4pm Friday afternoon, an Archer City woman reported that she had received information from her teenage son that he and a friend were outside and witnessed a man and woman fighting. She said the man had hit the woman in the face. He said the man went back inside and the woman was still outside. Archer City Police and a Deputy responded and spoke with the woman. The man was located and placed under arrest for Assault Family Violence after evidence of an assault was observed. He was transported to the Archer County Jail where he remains in custody under a $10,000 bond.

Around 3am Saturday morning, a female resident in Dundee reported that a male subject who also lives in the home had assaulted her. She said the male was highly intoxicated and pushed her down, threatened her little sister, and physically assaulted another woman there who is suspected to be the suspect’s girlfriend. Deputies responded but the male had run off into the woods behind the home to hide. All on scene were interviewed and a report was made. A warrant of arrest may be forthcoming.

On Saturday afternoon, Deputies responded to several reports of water over the roadways on several Archer County roads. A storm moved through the County dropping up to 3” of rain in some spots. Hardest hit was east of Archer City to Windthorst and southeast of Holliday. County road crews and TxDot were busy putting up barricades until the water receded.

Shortly before 8:30pm Sunday night, a County Commissioner reported that someone had dumped 3 barrels containing trash and some pallets alongside the roadway on Hilbers Road in Archer County. A Deputy responded, observed the trash, and gathered it for evidence. The Deputy spoke with residents in the area and was able to get a vehicle description of a possible suspect. Littering is a criminal offense in the State of Texas and can be a trip to jail depending on the weight of the trash dumped. Trash weighing over 5lbs and under 500lbs is a class B misdemeanor and will send you to jail. This case is still under investigation and the suspect, if found, will be cited or arrested depending on the gross weight of the trash

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