Archer County Sheriff’s   Weekly  Report

Sheriff Staci Beesinger

The Sheriff’s Office received 117 Calls for Service during the past 7-day period ending Sunday, December 8, 2019. On the day of this report there were 22 individuals incarcerated in the Archer County Jail consisting of 19 men and 3 women.

Around 9am Monday morning, an Archer County Constable working traffic on US 281 stopped a vehicle for speeding. Upon making contact with the driver the Officer could smell Marijuana emitting from the vehicle. The driver gave the Officer consent to search the vehicle. Drug paraphernalia containing residue was found but no drugs were located. The driver was issued citations for speeding and possession of drug paraphernalia and released.

Also, at 9am Monday, a man who previously escaped from an Archer County Jailer was transported from Wichita County where he is being held to Archer County District Court. The man was being held on Burglary of a Habitation charges and Credit/Debit Card Abuse. The Escape charge was filed in Wichita County since that’s where the offense occurred. No action was taken against the man in District Court and he was returned to the Wichita County Jail to remain being housed as an escape risk.

Shortly after 9am Tuesday morning, Animal Services in Wichita Falls reported that a Lakeside City child was bitten on the cheek and the nose by the family dog. They reported that the bite was provoked due to the child having food. Law Enforcement is required by State Law to file a report with the State on animal bites except when the animal belongs to the owner or their immediate family. The child was treated at a Wichita Falls facility for the bites.

Around 3:30pm Tuesday afternoon, a woman reported that someone burglarized 3 of her storage units located in Holliday. Holliday Police were notified and are investigating the Burglary.

Around 10am Wednesday morning, a man reported that his mother’s home in Megargel had been burglarized the night before. He reported that someone entered her home while she was sleeping, went into her nightstand and removed all her panties, then spread them out into the yard. The man also complained that this kind of activity had been going on for the last 3-4 years. A Deputy responded while a check was made into previous reports he claimed to have made. None were found and when the Deputy arrived the woman was not at home. The Deputy spoke with the caller who denied reporting anything to do with the panties but said his mother’s gas was being siphoned from her car. There was no evidence that a crime had occurred but Officers will put the residence on a special patrol check for a period of time.

Just before 4pm on Thursday, a Lakeside City woman reported that she had been scammed by someone on the phone claiming to be the IRS. She said a man with a foreign accent told her he held a warrant in his hand for unpaid taxes and that she needed to go to Walmart and purchase a $500 gift card. He then transferred her to a woman with the same foreign accent to complete the transaction. She complied with their request and will most likely be out the money. It is unclear how the woman actually transferred the money as she said she had contacted her bank to cancel the transaction.

Just before 5pm Thursday afternoon, a Wichita Falls man requested to speak with an Officer after he and his wife had an argument while they were visiting someone at an Archer City home. A Deputy and Archer City Police met with the man who said several people at the residence were drinking and taking pills and he wanted no part of it so he left. Officers went to the residence with the man to try and talk his wife into leaving with the man. After some discussion with the residents the man decided to stay at the residence with his wife until the alcohol subsides. Officers did not have probable cause to search the residence for criminal activity.

Around 1pm Friday afternoon, the Wise County Sheriff’s Office in Decatur notified Archer County that they received information that a woman they had reported as “missing” was hiding in an attic at a Windthorst address. They said the information came from a relative of the missing girl via a tablet. Deputies and a Constable responded to the residence and did locate the girl who had been hiding in the attic. She was at the residence with her boyfriend however other family members in the home was not aware she was there. It was reported that the 20 -year-old girl was disabled and suffered from depression and anxiety. After speaking with the girl, the boyfriend, and his family members it was decided she could stay there. Wise County was notified that she was there and not in any harm. There was no further investigation into this incident.

Around 5pm Friday afternoon, a 911 call was received but no one would speak to the dispatcher. The number was called back and a young man answered the phone and reported that he had been assaulted by 3 boys at the Archer City school gym. Officers responded and spoke with the caller who gave the names of the boys. He also admitted that he talked trash to the three boys about their ethnicity and what he did with their mothers the night before. He said they then punched him in the ribs. There was no evidence of physical injury. Police have turned the matter over to the school for follow up.

Around 10:30pm Friday night, a woman reported a disturbance at an Archer City residence between a man and a woman who live at the house. The caller said the woman was being aggressive toward her and her kids and had broken out windows in the home. Deputies and Archer City Police responded and spoke with all parties at the residence. The male involved in the disturbance left to prevent further incident. The female involved was allowed to gather her belongings and then leave the residence. No evidence of physical assault was present so no arrests were made.

Around 3am Saturday morning, a woman reported that she had hit 2 deer on Hwy 79 at the River Bridges. She advised that her vehicle was down in the ditch but she was not injured. One deer was still on the highway deceased. The caller had left the accident scene after calling for a ride so no accident was worked. She advised that she would get someone later in the day to help her get her vehicle removed from the ditch.

Around 3:30pm Saturday afternoon, a travelling motorist on Hwy 79 near the River Bridges reported a reckless driver all over the roadway. The caller said the vehicle was travelling at a high rate of speed and swerving into both lanes of traffic. Archer City Police stopped the vehicle after it entered Archer City. The male driver was not impaired but was attempting to eat chicken and gravy while driving. He had the food all over his clothing when stopped. He was released with a warning.

Just before 6am early Sunday morning, a travelling motorist on Hwy 82 reported a vehicle travelling westbound in the eastbound lanes of traffic. The caller said the vehicle almost collided with him and the driver stopped in the median. The caller got out and attempted to take the keys away from the driver but was unsuccessful. The driver then left again heading west on the east lanes of traffic. Deputies had responded and were trying to catch up to the vehicle. A Deputy went into Baylor County and caught up to the intoxicated driver near Maybelle. He was stopped and detained until a Baylor County Officer could arrive. Baylor County was notified and sent an Officer to take the man into custody. He was later transported to the Archer County Jail from Baylor County and charged with Driving While Intoxicated and Possession of Marijuana. He was released later in the day after posting bonds totaling $1500.

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