Archer City has new foreign exchange student

Sergio Quintana

Sergio Quintana from Galacia, Spain will be making his home in Archer City, TX this school year as a foreign exchange student. He will be staying with Mary Ann and David Levy.

We are pleased that Sergio has agreed to wrtie a few columns in the Archer County News while he is living here, giving readers a perspective from his point of view of his new adventure.

Sergio is a junior at Archer City High School where he is a member of the Prowlin’ Growlin’ Wildcat Band, playing the saxaphone. He has played the saxaphone for 7 years and also plays the piano.

Sergio received a scholarship to come to the United States. He had to pass three tests: writing and listening, reading and an interview by Skype.

Sergio said that his biggest problem is getting used to the heat. Galacia, Spain is located in Northwest Spain near Portugal. Average highs in Galacia are 68 degrees in the winter and 77 degrees in the summer.

Sergio had no choice in where he would be placed. However, he was pleased when he found out he was coming to Archer City. He said that he watches a lot of western shows and he was glad to know he would be coming to a place with cowboys and ranches.

Sergio is looking forward to his school year hear in Archer City, TX. Be sure and give him a big Texas welcome when you see him!

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