Archer City nursing home to close July 15th

In March of 2016 the Archer County News reported on the reorganization and establishment of a new management company to run the nursing home in Archer City. Vista Living of Archer City in 2016 began working on correcting some of the financial and legal problems inherited from the prior owner. Jon Montroll took over management of the facility for the 13 Wood family partnership members after the foreclosure of the facility. On March 16, 2020 the facility’s name was changed to Archer Rehab and Care with Dean Davis listed as the authorized official contact person.

Last Monday at a called meeting for employees Davis advised those in attendance the facility would close in 30 days. July 15 will mark the end of operation as a nursing home. One of the reasons offered at the meeting was the lack of residents. The home currently has 19 residents for a home certified for 30 beds. When Vista Living took over in 2016 it was acknowledged the facility might not bear major renovation. The condition of the facility and the economic pressures associated with continued operation have resulted in the closure.

Davis had not responded to requests for comment by press time last Tuesday afternoon. According to a current employee at the home, staff is working with families to relocate the current residents and employees were given an opportunity to transfer to a home in Vernon.

The facility was originally built by R.O. McDonnell for Archer Nursing Home, Inc. in 1963. Jimmy P. Horany was the President of the corporation and Mary K. Black was the secretary. Wood Family Enterprises took over operations on December 31, 1990. The 57 years of operation in Archer City providing long term care for area families will come to an end July 15.

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