Archer City PD makes drug bust

The 2.5 grams of ecstasy which Archer City Police Department was able to take off the streets on Saturday, Sept. 12.

The Archer City Police Department took 2.5 grams of ecstasy off the streets on Saturday, Sept. 12.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Officer Autumn Weber was parked in her marked patrol when she observed a vehicle with no front license plate traveling southbound on North Center. She observed there was water inside the plastic cover of the back license plate partially obscuring the plate.

She initiated the stop on the vehicle which had three passengers inside. The driver identified himself as Joshua Loudermilk, 20, and was asked to exit the vehicle. Weber requested consent to search the vehicle which was denied, and a K-9 unit was requested from Young County.

Graham Police Department’s Sergeant Austin Lawrence arrived on scene and the K-9 alerted to drugs being inside the vehicle. Loudermilk denied anything being inside the vehicle when asked again and a probable cause search was executed.

During the search of the vehicle

Weber located an open vape pen box with a plastic bag of blue pills. Loudermilk confirmed the pills belonged to him and that they were ecstasy. He was arrested for Possession of a controlled substance penalty group 2 less than four grams greater than gram which is a third-degree felony. The other passengers were released at the scene.

Loudermilk was transported to the Archer County Jail and posted a $15,000 bond.

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