Archer City school board names new vice president

In the Monday, July 27, Archer City ISD school board meeting Member Beau Reneau was selected to replace Zach Rowe as Vice President of the Board.

The resignation letter from Board member Zach Rowe was accepted unanimously Monday, July 27, at the regular monthly Archer City ISD school board meeting.

Rowe was the Vice President on the Board, so a vote was in order for a replacement. Board member Beau Reneau was unanimously approved to fill the post.

No discussion was held on naming a new member of the board to replace Rowe’s seat.

Board President Jeannie Hilbers called the meeting to order with Steven Schroeder, Mickey Mayo, Kelly Wooldridge and Reneau in attendance to establish a quorum.

In other business, the Board agreed to accept four transfer students. After listing the names and a brief discussion a vote was taken to approve the transfers. The transfers requested were approved unanimously.

The first reading of policy changes related to Title IX regulations entitled Texas Association of School Boards update 115 was noted. The local policy revisions will bring school policy in line with federal regulation which go into effect on Aug. 14.

Superintendent C.D. Knobloch advised the Board of staff training on the changes. He indicated it was an annual practice for staff training in this area.

There was preliminary discussion regarding next year’s budget and tax rate. Final budget number proposals were still pending. The current tax rate is $1.26 per $100 of valuation. The preliminary proposal was a tax rate a little over $1.18 per $100 of valuation. The budget and tax rate will be finalized at a meeting scheduled on

Monday, Aug. 24, at 6 p.m.

Athletic Director Shad Hanna provided an update on the athletic program. He announced an Aug. 3 start date for football, volleyball, and cross-country workouts. The Athletic Handbook was approved by the Board. One addition to the policy is the inclusion of nicotine as a violation in the drug testing program.

High School Principal Dr. John Sherrill provided updates on preparations for the upcoming school year addressing all the additional requirements for teachers and staff in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. He reviewed the ACISD Student Handbook/Code of Conduct for 2020-2021. It was approved unanimously.

Grade School Principal Amy Huseman provided an update on plans for teaching and student safety in the grade school. She admitted it was going to be a challenge for teachers and students.

Knobloch gave the Superintendent’s Report. He advised the Board on the acquisition of sterilizing equipment costing in excess of $6,000. The funds for the purchase were provided by the City of Archer City as a grant sharing process of money provided by the government for COVID-19 expenses. He also reported the arrival of PPE (personal protective equipment) from the State of Texas to be used by staff, teachers, and students during the upcoming school year. Money may also be provided for hiring a person to sanitize on a regular basis.

Knobloch also reported 50 new Chromebooks were on order for student use as needed. The Texas Education Agency is providing half the cost of the computer workbooks The extra Chromebooks will help expand home use if needed. Given the current rules for attendance and funding the new workbooks could help the school with overall attendance rates. In closing he acknowledged the changing nature of rules and regulations in the pandemic saying, “Everything is a challenge, we will do the best we can.” Given ACISD’s rating, no doubt the best the district can do will be enough to provide students with a great learning experience.

At this point the meeting was closed for Executive Session to discuss personnel and security.

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