Archer City woman causes havoc to homeowner while driving erratically

An Archer City woman was reported to Archer County Dispatch as driving the wrong way through town down South Center St. in Archer City in a dark colored F150 pickup truck, hitting something and taking out a fence. The person then reported the driver as leaving and running into the culvert across from Allsups. She then advised that someone who lives at the house had a gun.

Several law enforcement agencies were finishing up another call and arrived on the scene within minutes.

According to Archer City PD Officer Weber who is investigating the accident, the woman turned into the driveway at 404 S. Center, hitting a car and a flat bed trailer, dropping the trailer 15 feet at a 90 degree angle in their yard. The truck went through two fences and went out the shallow side of the culvert. She then made a 180 degree turn by the dumpsters at Allsups. The driver came back up East Chestnut and ended up back in the deep end of the Culvert at a 45 degree angle.

The driver was taken to United Regional Hospital for apparent minor injuries and she was released.

Justice of the Peace Pct. 1 Judge Joe Aulds signed a warrant for a blood draw on the driver. Those results were not in at press time.

The driver was held at gunpoint by a resident at the house while trying to reverse her car out of the culvert.

The accident is still under investigation and multiple charges are pending.

Archer City Police Department, Archer County Sheriff’s Department, DPS, Game Warden, Constable Brett Hoff and Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission all responded to the scene.

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