Archer County Burn Ban issued for 90 days

Commissioner Court of Archer County has determined that circumstance present in Archer County create a public safety hazard that would be exacerbated by outdoor burning. Beginning Monday, September 9th, 2019, a 90 day burn ban was issued.

Archer County has been fortunate thus far that most of fires have been small in nature. Emergency Management Coordinator Shane Wright attributes the fact that winds have not been high; therefore, the fires have not spread as quickly. But conditions are right for wildfires at this time in Archer County. Combine that with winds on any given day and disater could strike.

“Texas Fire Potential Update” by the Texas A&M Forest Service stated there is a chance for some moisture in our area that may decrease the risk somewhat later in the week. But scattered thunderstorms could produce more lightning ignitions and shifting wind direction and increased wind speeds will be more likely with nearby storms.

Do your part as citizens of Archer County. Do not burn out of doors unless it is outdoor food preparation or burning trash in a closed container, such as a barrel with a screen cover.

People and their activities cause more than 90 percent of all wildfires in Texas. The largest number of human-caused wildfires is a result of careless debris burning. Other causes of wildfires include sparks from welding and grinding equipment, carelessly discarded smoking materials, vehicles’ exhaust systems and arson. Just one spark from chain dragging can start a wildfire. Check before you pull.

Only you can prevent Archer County Wildfires!

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