Archer County family’s  home destroyed by fire

Kinnaman house destroyed by fire on Hwy 25 West, just outside of Archer City.

If things are not bad enough during the COVID-19 virus, Todd and Mandy Kinnaman watched their home go up in flames last Saturday night on Hwy 25 West, just outside the Archer City, city limits.

The fire, which started in the attic, quickly consumed the home, but the family and animals made it out safely. The family lost everything in the fire.

Mandy and Todd Kinnaman are beloved people in the community and have spear-heaed an annual Archer City VFD fundraiser the past few years. Little did they know that they would need the services of the Volunteer Fire Departments for their own home. Archer City, Windthorst, Bowman, and Lakeside City Fire Departments all responded to the Kinnaman fire.

Mandy Kinnaman said on behalf of the family, “My heart is very heavy on one side and so very thankful on the other! I am absolutely overwhelmed at the immediate and heartfelt response of everyone!! From the dispatcher who stayed on the line with me until the first responders came, all emergency responders, the friends and family who came to support us and all the prayers!! If you don’t support our VOLUNTEER fire department, you should! You never know when you will need them!! We feel the immense weight of this, but with y’all’s support and love, it will not crush us! We love each and everyone of you!”

Mandy, Todd, AJ. and Gunnar will have to start all over again. Many have asked how they can help. If you are so inclined a Go Fund Me Account has been set up at Search for “ Kinnaman Family” to make a donation. Also you can contribute a meal at

Mandy worked for the Archer County News as Assistant Editor for several years and now works for the Archer County District Clerk’s office. Todd is employed at Deen Drilling. A.J. Harris is finishing Dental Hygiene school at MSU and Gunnar is a student at Archer City Middle School.

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