Archer County News has gone international! In the past week, this small-town paper has traveled to many places, not only out of Texas but even out of the country. One of its stops was Germany to see the historical Berlin Wall, torn down many years ago for freedom, accompanied by local resident Audrey Schroeder and Fiona Ramin from Germany. It also made an appearance at Buckingham Palace with the same two girls, seeking audience with the Queen. The newspaper even stopped to visit the white sandy beaches of the Bahamas with Abby Aulds and the Laudermill family. With help from an anonymous, but surely known, traveler, it even snuck its way into a newspaper stand in Europe, standing beside other well-renowned newspapers such as the China Daily and the Financial Times. This traveler also gave the Albert Einstein statue a chance to read its contents.

Mary and John Rhoads took the Archer County News to Italy, Greece and Montenegro.

Archer County News may be published within a 925 square mile county in Texas, but its wide range of travels is anything but small.

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