The University Interscholastic League One-Act Play Contest for District 9-2A was held at Seymour High School on Wednesday, March 9. Archer City High School’s entry in the competition was a play entitled Lafayette No. 1 by Mandy Conner. The Windthorst High School entry was Southern Hospitality by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, and Jamie Wooten. Electra High School, Olney High School, and Seymour High School were the plays selected to advance to the Bi-District Round. Archer City’s play was the Alternate Play. The Alternate would replace an advancing play unable to compete for whatever reason.

The Archer County schools had individuals receiving honors. Archer City’s Ally Warren in the role of Anna Landry and Windthorst’s Blaine Martin in the role of Dub Dubberly were named All-Star Cast. In the Outstanding Technical category Archer City’s Morgan Essary was awarded Outstanding Lighting Tech.

Audrey Schroeder in the role of Lizzy Landry and Kodi Graham as Harris Carroll from Archer City were named Honorable Mention All-Star Cast. Windthorst’s MacKenzie Wolf was also awarded Honorable Mention All-Star cast in her role as Twink Futrelle.

District 9-2A in Spring UIL Competition is aligned with seven schools. All seven performed making it a long day for students involved in the competition. Schools get there early in the day to load in sets, then watch other plays, perform, get judged, then, stay over for a judge’s critic. Archer City High School Directors were Becky Nogle, Leslie Graham, Haley Owen, and Karen Brunker. Windthorst High School Directors were Sharla Anderson and Susan Veitenheimer.

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