Archer Public Library receives generous grant

Gretchen Abernathy-Kuch proudly poses in front of new library windows

The Tocker Foundation provided a very generous grant to the Archer Public Library for UV Damage Repair and Prevention. New windows and doors with UV screen protection and a new door now protect the books and content inside the library.

According to librarian Gretchen Abernathy-Kuch, books are repaired as needed as they come across the circulation desk, but periodically the shelves are checked for any books that might have been missed and need attention. It was on one such check of the shelves that she noticed many books in one section had very faded spines, and when pulled from the shelf, the spines were found to be weak and brittle. After noting that the discoloration was only on the spines, it was evident that these books were all taking damage right in the library. This damage was likely from the UV rays coming in from those beautiful windows.

All the library’s front windows had condensation trapped between their double panes due to heat damaged and broken seals. The decorative bulletin board was billowing away from the wall, and the glue underneath melted. Any decorations put up faded in mere days and looked old and worn.

Abernathy-Kuch said, “The worst of all, though, was the damage to our books. The library’s book collection is a precious resource to this community, and much fundraising, grant writing, and donation go into collecting books for the shelves.”

After researching to confirming her theory about UV rays, she made a phone call to the Tocker Foundation and spoke with Darryl Tocker about her discoveries. She asked if they could help us with preventative measures against UV damage and possibly help replace the books that had been damaged already. Mr. Tocker encouraged Abernathy-Kuch to submit a grant request, and on March 25, 2019, it was approved. The grant totaled $9,630 for the door and windows with screens plus replacement of the badly damaged books.

“The Tocker Foundation has been a wonderful supporter of the Archer Public Library over the years,” Abernathy-Kuch said. “I am so grateful for their help with this project. Our library now enjoys a refreshed look, a bright new set of books for the shelves, and UV protection for our treasured collection, all thanks to their generous donation.”

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