If you walk into the Archer Service Center today, the newly renovated kitchen area will shine like a bright star. The center received a kitchen update with new white cabinets and sparkling counter tops. This was all made possible by a monetary gift from the Gloria Klaras family.

Gloria Klaras, known to many as Yia Yia (pronounced yah-yah) served as an integral part of the implementation and establishment of the Archer Service Center. She was the director for twenty-two years (1973-1995) and continued to be active in the center until her death in 2002. Her family wants to keep her dream and hard work alive.

Current director, Martha Wolf, said, “I never realized how much the Klaras family did for the center before I became the director. It is just amazing what they do for this place and the community.”

Pat Aulds Garrett, one of Gloria’s daughters, approached Wolf on behalf of the family asking what could be done for the Archer Service Center this year. Wolf new immediately that it needed a new washer and dryer and new cabinets. And that is exactly what the center received.

The center was closed a few days for the renovations, but when seniors returned they were delighted..

Current Director Martha Wolf said, “It was a hectic couple of weeks going through the renovation project. Now we can say that the headaches and stress were worth it! We hope that you absolutely love it, just like we do!”

Daughter Nitsa Canafax said, “Mother worried all the time as director whether funds were going to be able to keep the doors open from day to day, In fact, the reason they started making the famous “rikis‘ cookies was to pay the electric bill..”

Gloria’s family, knows how important the center is for seniors, and they don’t want them worrying whether or not the doors will remain opened. The family, began the annual Burger Bash five years ago to help raise funds for the center. The Yia Yia Golf Tournament held on the same weekend also raises funds for the center.

However, It takes a lot of money to keep the center running, and it relies solely on donations from the community and fund raisers. Donations come in many forms: money, gifts of needs, and food.

The Archer Service Center began with a coffee pot and a few coffee mugs. It evolved into a vital part of this community where it continues to be a gathering haven for meals, and fellowship, both important for senior citizens. It also provides meals on wheels for those who are homebound. Many times this is the only meal seniors can count on and the only social activity they have.

Gloria Klaras would be pleased that the center is running on its own and that the community is so supportive in making that happen.

Wolf stated that it took a lot of people to make this renovation happen: Board of Directors, employees of the center, and contractors. “Teamwork makes the dream work!’ she said.

Wolf also said, “To the Gloria Klaras family, I want to say thank you so very much for your outstanding love and support! Thank you for honoring the memory of your ‘Yia Yia‘ mother, and past director of the Archer Service Center, Gloria Klaras. We are blessed to have you all!!”

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