Aulds come together

Aulds cousins meet up in a most unexpected situation

A tornado ripped through North Dallas Sunday evening leaving tens of thousands of Dallas residents without power and with considerable destruction in its path. It is believed that the tornado could have stayed on the groud for approximatley 17 miles.

In the midst of the turmoil, Officer Austin Aulds was on duty with the Dallas Police Department checking on people in neghborhoods hit by the tornado.

He stopped at one house to check on the residents., not knowing who lived there. Much to his surprise he was met in the home by the owner-his cousin, Chris Aulds, formerly of Archer City. It was definitely a surprise to both of them.

Though Chris Aulds’ home sustained damage, no one was injured.

Chris is the son of Pat Aulds Garrett of Archer City, and Austin is the son of Joe Aulds Justice of the Peace Precinct 1 in Archer City.

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