Most every mother remembers the details of her labor and delivery with each child vividly, and it makes for conversation for years. The birth of Cherith and Riley Barham’s new baby boy, Callen Lee Barham, will probably top the list of stories in comparison with other couples. What looked to be a routine delivery turned into anything but routine in the wee hours of the morning last Saturday.

Cherith and her kids had been staying with her in-laws Charlie and Denise Barham of Archer County while her husband Riley, a Sgt. with Texas Highway Patrol, was working near their home in Mineral Wells. This way Cherith woud be closer to the birthing center in Wichita Falls where they planned to deliver Callen. Cherith had begun having contractions steadily about an hour before Callen was born, so Riley was on his way to his parents home from Mineral Wells preparing to be there for the birth of their fourth child. Cherith called Riley around 2:38 am to see how far from home he was, and while they were talking, her water broke. Riley was 15 minutes away, so the plan was to meet the midwife at the birthing center. But Baby Callen was not having it. He was ready to make his entrance right then and there in the kitchen at 2:49 am., and that is just what he did. This was all in a 10 minute span. Daddy and the midwife arrived soon after.

Callen weighed in at 7 lbs. 9 oz. and was 20 inches long. There was never a trip to the hospital. The birth certificater reads ”Unintended home birth.”

Later that morning as the Barham’s other children woke up, they got to meet their baby brother. Callen has 2 brothers and 1 sister: 7-year-old Emerson; 5-year-old Kynleigh and 2-year-old Anderson

Cherith and Riley took the whole incident in stride.

Cherith said, “There was no time at all to panic because it happened so quickly.”

They can laugh about it now, and they enjoy sharing their story with friends and family.

Proud grandparents are Denise and Charlie Barham of Archer County, Jim Talley of Wichita Falls and Lisa Talley of Harlingen.

Congratulations Riley and Cherith Barham on the birth of your son.

Welcome to the world Callen Lee Barham. You are bound to make your mark in this world in a most profound way!

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