There were three competitive Republican primary races for local Archer County offices in the Primary Elections last Tuesday. Joe Aulds won by a five vote margin in the Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1 contest. His opponent, Joe Roderick, ran an effective door to door campaign garnering 246 votes. Aulds, who will run unopposed in the November General Election, ran an effective campaign garnering 251 votes to win by a narrow margin. His campaign focused on his experience. Both candidates are to be applauded for their positive, civil campaigns. Aulds said, “I want to thank all of the Archer County citizens who voted. I will serve to the utmost of my ability.” He will be sworn in officially on January 1, 2019.

Incumbent County Commissioner, Precinct 2, Darin Wolf, prevailed in another close race over challenger Stuart W. Winter. The final count was Wolf with 256 votes while Winter got 220 votes. Wolf will also run unopposed in the November General Election. Winter’s vote count was 46.22% of the vote, a credible challenge. Wolf’s vote count represented in the end a comfortable margin with 53.78% of the vote.

The other contested race was for Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3. Robby Shawver won easily over William (Mike) Hayter, Jr. with 77.94% of the votes cast in the Megargel area precinct. Shawver’s vote margin was 53-15. Shawver will face incumbent JP Lawrence J. Smith, who was the sole candidate in the Democratic primary. Smith got 7 votes in that primary. In the November General Election the JP Precinct 3 race will be the only contested countywide race. All other County offices were settled in last Tuesday’s election.

The Senate District 30 race, which was characterized by a good deal of mudslinging, was won by challenger Pat Fallon over incumbent Senator Craig Estes. It was a surprising runaway as Fallon’s 25,066 votes turned out to be 71.8 % of the total Republican primary vote in the district. Estes failed to carry his home Wichita County, getting only 25.5% of the districtwide vote. Nocona businessman Craig Carter was the outsider in the race, but managed 1,232 votes. The vote breakdown in this race for Archer County was Fallon 948, Estes 328, and Carter 237. Fallon will face Democratic nominee Kevin Lopez in the November General Election. Lopez got 95 votes from Democrats in Archer County.

In the US Senate primary incumbent Ted Cruz was chosen to represent the Republican Party and Beto O’Rourke was chosen to represent the Democratic Party. This statewide race is shaping up to be a very interesting contest. For additional coverage on other statewide races check next week’s issue of the Archer County News.

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