Counting blessings at Archer City Swimming Pool

Smiling faces during afternoon break at Archer City Municipal Pool

To count the blessings at the Archer City Municipal Pool just count the smiles on the faces of all the kids on a hot summer afternoon. The Archer City Swimming Pool is the place to be to meet friends and stay cool. Cool as in beating the summer heat and cool as in “what a cool place to spend the afternoon.”

Julie Wuthrich, five year veteran as Pool Manager, explained, “They come from Windthorst, Olney, Wichita, and Archer City. A lot stay from opening to close, and if it’s family night they stay until 8 o’clock.” While counting blessings count her as well. Pool Manager means not only overseeing lifeguards and the well-being of everyone who comes

to the pool, but also vacuuming the pool every other day throughout the summer. Add keeping the place clean from front to back and top to bottom to her list of duties as well. In the words of City Secretary, Kim Whitsitt, “She’s a jewel.”

Layken Cagle, an Archer City resident and soon to be 8th Grader at Archer City Junior High, was happy to give his opinion, “I’m here all the time. It’s pretty fun, it’s the only place you can really talk to your friends when you’re outside of school. I learned to swim here and I’ve been coming every summer since I was little.”

The northeast corner of the city park where the mini-golf course and swimming pool are located becomes a youth magnet close to opening time as swimmers start arriving by foot, bike, and automobile. City Secretary Whitsitt said, “I think the pool is one the biggest assets our City has. The City Council and City Management has always been conscious of that and of making it a safe, clean environment for the kids. It is well used, a lot of work goes into keeping it going year to year.” In a world with plenty to complain about the Archer City Swimming Pool is a place where Archer City residents can count their blessings.

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