Archer County was notified June 15th by the State of Texas Epidemiology Department of numerous positive cases in our surrounding counties. Exact numbers will not be available for a few days, but extreme caution is being advised to return to protection protocol if you are entering crowded venues.

Late last week, Archer County did have one positive case, and we also had a false positive case that was later cleared after two negative tests. The State information center on reporting COVID 19 testing and results is often overworked and undermanned. The testing information County and City officials receive is often delayed but more accurate in findings when the Local Health Authority releases the details.

When someone is tested for COVID 19, that person is self-isolated (Local Health Authority Orders) until negative test results come back (2-5 days depending on testing facilities) or until they are seven days free of any and all symptoms. A person that tests positive is quarantined (Local Health Authority Orders) for 14 days. Two negative tests are required for that person to rejoin the workforce. The Health Authorities communicate with quarantine and isolation patients daily.

Protocol is established for testing Texans, but a variance in positive cases and/or tests delivered can alter when critical and correct information is made available.

Archer County and the cities of Archer County are trying to coordinate Mobil Testing Teams in different locations in the county as mayors and city councils deem appropriate. When testing sites and times are available, I will post on the Archer County website.

If you are feeling sick, and/or are worried that you may be having symptoms of the Corona virus infection, please call your family physician or the Archer Family Clinic @ 940-574-2580 for screening, possible testing, and isolation protocol.

With this recent spike in positive cases, everyone, please use common sense safety measures for your family and our community in preventing the continuation of COVID 19.

Randy Jackson

Archer County Judge

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