Dogs in Wichita Falls and surrounding areas may be eligible to receive FREE flea control as part of study enrollment

The hot and humid days of late summer have created the perfect environment for fleas to quietly multiply on pets and in their homes. Just a few fleas picked up from the outside can quickly turn into a full-blown flea infestation when the weather turns warm and muggy. Unfortunately, by the time many pet owners notice their pet scratching and itching due to fleas, they already have a serious problem.

Fortunately, for dogs with a flea problem in Wichita Falls and the surrounding area, Animal Hospital and Colonial Park Veterinary Hospital have been selected to participate in a national clinical study to evaluate a new flea control medication. Participating households will receive FREE flea treatments, as well as FREE study related exams, for all dogs in their household for up to 3 months.

“One of the most frustrating issues pet owners face can be learning they have a flea infestation. Flea infestations can quickly sneak up on pet owners during the hot and muggy days in the summer,” Dr. Kevin Rouillard of Animal Hospital explains. “With pet owners busy with summer plans, they may not realize their pets have fleas until it is too late. Generally, by the time a pet owner notices their pet scratching and itching due to fleas, they are already facing a flea infestation on their pet and in their home. Our veterinary team is excited about offering pet owners the opportunity to enroll in the latest flea control research,” adds Dr. Holly Hoffman of Colonial Park Veterinary Hospital.

Want to participate in the study but are not sure if your dog has fleas? Look on your dog’s skin, like their belly or along their rump. Move your hand against the direction of your dog’s coat and you may see fleas or dark specks, called 'flea dirt,' which is a sign of fleas.

If you think your dog has fleas and has yet to be treated, you may be eligible to enroll your pets in the study. Open enrollment will be closing soon, so pet owners have a limited time to contact Dr. Hoffman or Dr. Rouillard for more information. For full eligibility and clinical study details, pet owners can also visit

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