Farewell from Archer County News owners

Barbara amd Jerry Phillips say, “It’s been a great ride.  Thank you Archer County!”

It is harder to say good-bye than I imagined. Change is always hard. It is such a bitter-sweet event for Jerry and me. The last eight years have been a great deal of hard work but tremendously fulfilling and enjoyable. The Archer County News building is where we spent most of our time, going home only for sleep and a meal many days. It will be an adjustment for us to say the least.

I want to thank ALL our subscribers and advertisers that have made it possible to bring you the Archer County News each week. Without the weekly commitment of Oodles and Lucky Dollar over the years, it would have been hard to keep the paper going. Thank you Ward and Carol Campbell. Luckily, many businesses have found the value in advertising in an Archer County weekly paper. For that we are grateful.

We have been so fortunate to have the Archer City Police Department and the Archer County Sheriff’s Department work closely with us and provide us with information we need. A special thank you goes to Sheriff Staci Beesinger who writes such a fantastic Sheriff’s report each week. It is the favorite read for many. She had no idea how popular her column would become, spending many hours each week informing the community of what the SO deals with on a weekly basis-some hysterically funny and oth

ers sad. 

    We are so grateful for the wonderful employees we have had over the years.  Misty Cameron has kept our books for most of the time we have owned the paper.  He friendship, loyalty and honesty will always be treasured. Lauren Zotz was the master of human-interest stories. I laugh thinking back on how she would dart out the door suddenly when she saw someone new and unusual in town or spot a story while driving home from work.  Mandy Kinnaman worked for us for several years, and because of her I was able to leave the paper in good hands when I took time off now and then.  Many good times and lots of laughs were had among us. The Brooks sisters, Jahna, Jacie and Tessa -if you know these girls I need not say more.  What treasured part-time employees in their high school years! 

   We have met some amazing people through our journey.  My favorite stories I covered were of two different people who traveled across the United States.  Joe Guy from Australia traveled across the US on horseback in 2010 when I was only working for the paper.  Nora Croix came through Archer City in 2015 traveling across the country on foot.  Meeting these two individuals and telling their stories topped my list.

  Most of all, I will miss our revolving door with so many people coming in and out, whether for business or just to stop and talk.  What stories I could tell. Hopefully I will find the motivation to write the play or book I have had in my head for years about the untold stories inside the walls of this building.  They are priceless. 

   My greatest thanks go to my husband Jerry who has been my greatest support from beginning to end.  Even though he worked full time in mortgage lending, he was writing sports or other stories and keeping up the business end of the paper. Without him and his full support, I could not have done this. 

   To our readers, thank you for the endless support and words of kindness over the years and as we make this change in our lives.  We feel that we are leaving the paper in good hands with Blake Gumprecht and that he will continue our mission of telling the stories of Archer County.   We pray you will continue to support his endeavors as he does the Archer County News his way.  I have seen papers he has published, and I know you will be pleasantly surprised.

Love and God Bless!

Barbara Phillips

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