All Archer County volunteer fire departments were busy, busy fighting fires Tuesday. It began around 1:00 am on Wyatt Rd., South of Windthorst when Windthorst and Scotland VF Departments were called to the scene of a structure fire at the home of Rita Veitenheimer. She and her dog were able to escape the home. Then, Tuesday afternoon an array of fires began. A tone out for a grass fire on FM 172 in Scotland from Archer County Dispatch was made at 11:38am. At 1:23 firemen were called to 14512 US 281, just past Schlabs Lane one mile for a house fire at the Sternandel residence. No one was at home, but the fire was extensive. Windthorst, Scotland and Archer City VFD were all called to the scene. Minutes later, Lakeside and Bowman were toned out to assist with a grass fire at 571 Schenk Scotland since the other firemen were already engaged in putting out fires.

At 1:43pm Megargel was toned out for a large grass fire on the Goldsmith Lease at Turner and Terrapin Rd. Then at 2:50 pm., Archer County dispatch toned out any available firemen in Archer City to respond to a dumpster fire on Cherry St.

Archer County Commissioners recently voted to rescind the burn ban that was in place, but all should use common sense when throwing out cigarettes or burning. Everything is very dry again, and the windy conditions can turn a small grass fire into a massive one quickly.

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