Fishin’ in Heaven Tournament winners announced

Pictured: Tony Lozipone and Rachel Ramirez winning 1st place in Fishin in Heaven Bass Tournament! 

The sixth annual "Fishin in Heaven" bass tournament was held on Lake Arrowhead this year on July 7th. A total of 6 boats participated in the one day tournament. A total of 77.37 lbs. of fish were weighed in. Each boat could weigh in a total of 5 fish. The top winner of the tournament was the team of Tony Lozipone and Rachel Ramirez weighing in 5 fish for a total of 21.54 lbs. of bass. The second place and big bass went to the team of Steven Davis and Tommy Jackson weighing in 5 fish totaling 17.23 Ibs. with the biggest bass weighing 7.08 lbs. All the entry fees were divided between the winners. Joe Hoff and Grant Moer donated items for a drawing for the none winning fishermen. Special “Fishing in Heaven” cups were a part of the drawing designed by Dustin Burks with “gypsysoulwithjunk”.

The bass tournament is put on by Grant Moer in memory of his dad Dwain Moer who loved to bass fish. Refreshments were served at the weigh in by the Dwain Moer family. Special thank you to Smith’s Boat Shop, family and friends that helped make this an enjoyable day.

We invite everyone around June 15 next year for another “Fishin in Heaven” Bass Tournament in memory of Dwain Moer.

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