Mother Nature showed off some of her power last Thursday night with a hail storm. The storm moved across the west side of Archer County and the east side of Baylor County. Archer City was pelted with marble size hail as the storm

moved south. West of Archer City the hail increased in size from marble, to golf ball, to tennis ball.

Cabins on Lake Kemp appeared to get the worst of the storm. Siding and composition roofs were heavily damaged. As many as 90% of the cabins will probably get new roofs, according to one cabin owner. Damage included numerous broken windows on the north and northwest side of the cabins. Most cabins received various amounts of damage. Rock hard ice globs the size of tennis balls wreaked havoc. Cabin owners and insurance adjusters will be busy with repairs and assessments in the wake of the storm.

Lake Kickapoo residents were hit hard, but not as hard as the cabins on Lake Kemp. Golf ball size hail stones were reported causing roof damage and some shredded screens. One resident had a gutter knocked off the house and a bird feeder demolished. Trees suffered damage as many yards were covered with leaves knocked down in the storm. A resident on Lake Kickapoo said, “We got the hail beat out of us.”

Local television stations did a good job off warning people of the impending danger. The warning gave a lot of people a chance to get vehicles under cover. It is the season for violent weather, including tornadoes, so be on the lookout and heed the warnings.

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