Holliday High School celebrates win as 2019 State 3A UILAcademic  Champions

Holliday High School held a special assembly Friday afternoon for the unveiling of the new monument in honor of their 2019 3A UIL State Academic Championship. Shaun Duthie, Holliday UIL Coordinator, said “For the kids to be to able to have opportunity to go and be rewarded at the State meet, much less as State Champions, is a tremendous honor.”

Duthie stated that approximately 130 students participated in UIL academic activities. They begin working on their events at the beginning of the year during zero hour at 7:15 am. Those who can’t make the morning practices will find time during lunch, after school or weekends. He stated that UIL events have exploded offering competition in so many events in which students can be successful.

Duthie was quick to praise the work of Mrs. Peggy Wallace in establishing this program. He stated, “The program was initiated by Mrs. Peggy Wallace in the 1980’s. All the success this program has achieved is because of the work she put in on the program she established.” (Mrs. Wallace was a former teacher for many years at Holliday High School.)

Holliday High School 2019 U.I.L. Academic State Meet Results

Accounting: 2nd Place-Colten Ellis; 4th Place-Logan Schlegel

Accounting Team Members: Colten Ellis, Logan Schlegel, Erin Wooten, Kylee Wooten

Accounting Team: 3rd Place Team

Current Issues and Events: 1st-Maddie Reynolds; 4th-Logan Schlegel

Current Issues and Events Team Members: Maddie Reynolds, Logan Schlegel, Colten Ellis, Kathryn Donoho

Current Issues and Events: 1st Place Team

Copy Editing: 4th Place-Adrian Mahan

Literary Criticism: 1st Place-Zoe Gerk; 3rd Place-Kaylee Twilligear; 5th Place-Hailey Cating

Literary Criticism Team Members: Zoe Gerk, Kaylee Twilligear, Hailey Cating, Carley Koski, Beth Campsey

Literary Criticism: 1st Place Team

News Writing: 2nd Place-Zoe Gerk

Spelling and Vocabulary: 1st Place-Chase Borchardt; 2nd Place-Leah Bullinger

Spelling and Vocabulary Team Members: Chase Borchardt, Leah Bullinger, Alexis Wilson, John Lovett

Spelling and Vocabulary: 1st Place Team

Informative Speaking: 1st Place-Emily Beaman; 5th Place-Ian Robinson

Persuasive Speaking: 3rd Place-Andres Revis

Poetry Interpretation: 2nd Place-Davis Scobee

Theatrical Design Costume: 2nd Place-Caroline Satterfield

One-Act Play: All Star Cast-Corbyn Scobee; Honorable Mention-Cody Bowers

One-Act Play: 3rd Place Team

Theatre Team: 2nd Place Team

Academic Team: 1st Place Overall Academic Team

Coaches: Ginger Shirley, Darrin Ard, Delane Sewell, Liberty Kisner, Shawn Duthie

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